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Walthamstow 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]


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  • Page 6
    STAFF. The following changes occurred in the Staff:—
  • Page 7
    Extracts from Vital Statistics. —The Registrar-General's mid-year, 1945, estimate of population (viz., 103,320) has been used for the calculation of all vital statistics:—
  • Page 9
    Birth-rates, Civilian Death-rates, Analysis of Mortality, Maternal Mortality, and case Rates for certain Infectious Diseases in the year 1945. Provisional figures based on weekly and quarterly returns.
    England and Wales.126 County Boroughs and Great Towns (including London).148 Smaller Towns (Resident Population 25,000 to 50,000 at 1931 Census).London Administrative County.Walthamstow.
  • Page 10
    Causes of Death as given by the Registrar -General for the year 1945. Whole District.
    Causes of death.Males.Females.Total.
  • Page 10
    The age distribution of Cancer deaths was as follows:—
    Under 1 yr.1-2 yrs.2-5 yrs.5-15 yrs.15-25 yrs.25-45 yrs.45-65 yrs.65 yrs. & over
  • Page 11
    The following is a record of the good work carried out by Civil Defence for the Municipal Ambulance Service during the period 1942 to January, 1945:—
    Removals and TreatmentsAccidentsMaternityTotal No. of journeysMileage
  • Page 12
    "In addition a session of the Contraceptive Clinic was held once a month for advising women who, on medical grounds, were unfit for pregnancy.''
    No. of sessions heldNo. of attendancesTotal AttendancesAverage Attendance per session
    New CasesOld Cases
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    Summary of New Cases:—
    For diagnosis or complications of Afternoon.Morning.
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    Comparison of attendances with previous years:—
  • Page 14
    Mr. Fegram, the Clerk to the Committee, has kindly supplied the following particulars of Walthamstow residents admitted to the various institutions during the year ended 31st December, 1945:—
  • Page 15
    The following figures show the progress of the Hospital during 1945 as compared with the previous year:—
    No. AdmittedIn-patientsOut-patients
    Average StayDaily AverageNew CasesAttendances
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    Essex County Council. Mr. Pegram, Clerk to the Essex County Council, South-Western Area Guardian's Committee, kindly states that the amount of relief provided in Walthamstow during the two years ended 31st December, 1945, was as follows:—
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    4. Public Health Act, 1936. —Nursing Homes:—
    No. of Homes.No. of Patients provided for
    Maternity Patients.Others.Totals.
  • Page 18
    Mr. F. W. Kemp, who assumed duties as Chief Sanitary Inspector as from 6th July, reports as follows:—
    No. of inspections made.No. of nuisances detected.No. of complaints received.No. of Informal Notices.No. of Statutor}' Notices.Total Visits.
    Served.Complied with.Served.Complied with.
  • Page 19
    Special Premises .
    Number.Visits paid.
  • Page 24
    The following table gives details of samples taken
    GradeNo. of SamplesRESULTS
    SatisfactoryUnsatisfactory in one or more tests
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    (d) Adulteration, etc.—Food and Drugs Act, 1938. During the year 100 samples of foods and drugs were submitted to the Public Analyst. Ten samples were found to be, in some respect, unsatisfactory—details are as follows:—
    Description of ArticleResult of AnalysisAction taken
  • Page 28
    The following is a summary of the work of the Sanitary Inspectors during the year:—
    No. of premises and Sites Inspected.Premises and Sites Found to be Infested.Methods used at Infected Premises and Site*
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    1.— INSPECTION OF FACTORIES, Etc. Including Inspections made by Sanitary Inspectors.
    Premises.Number of
    Inspections.Written Notices.Occupion Prosecuted.
  • Page 29
    ParticularsNumber of Defects.Number of offences in respect of which Prosecutions were instituted.
    Found.Remedied.Referred to H.M. Inspector.
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  • Page 29
    Outworkers were notified from the following areas:—
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    F—PREVALENCE OF, AND CONTROL OVER, INFECTIOUS AND OTHER DISEASES. General.—The accompanying tables show the age and ward incidence of the various infectious diseases which are discussed separately in later pages of the Report:—
    Disease.All ages.Under 1 yr.1-5 yrs.5-15 yrs.15-25 yrs.25-45 yrs.45-65 yrs.65 & over.
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    The Registrar-General gives the statistics for the 52 weeks ended 31st December, 1945, and these are given in the following table together with the case rates per 1,000 population both for England and Wales and for Walthamstow:—
    Disease.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Enteric Fever.Pneumonia.Puerperal Pyrexia.Erysipelas
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    The rate for Puerperal Pyrexia is better expressed in relation to the number of births (i.e. live and still-births) registered than to population. When calculated on this basis the rate is:—
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    Total number of immunisations completed during 1945:—
  • Page 33
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    Under 5 years5-14 yearsTotal (0-14 years)
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    The following numbers of Diphtheria swabs were examined during 1945:—
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    Mr. E. Sharp, Vaccination Officer for the area, has furnished the following return for 1945:—
    Birhts RegisteredSuccessfully VaccinatedPercentage VaccinatedInsusceptibleExemptionsDeath before VaccinatedPostponed
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    The following tables show the incidence by months, ages and wards:—
    Month.All ages.Under 1 yr.1-5 yrs.5-15 yrs.15-25 yrs.25-45 yrs.45-65 yrs.65 & over.
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    Months.St. James Street.High Street.Hoe Street.Wood Street.Hale End.Higham Hill
  • Page 35
    The following tables show the incidence by months, ages and wards:—
    Month.All ages.Under 1 yr.1-5 yrs.5-15 yrs.15-25 yrs.25-45 yrs.45-65 yrs.65 & over.
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    Months.St. James Street.High Street.Hoe Street.Wood Street.Hale End.Higham Hill
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    MonthsAll ages.Under 1 yr.1-5 yrs.5-15 yrs.15-25 yrs.25-45 yrs.45-65 yrs.65 & over
  • Page 38
    The tables show the incidence by months, ages and wards:—
    Month.All ages.Under 1 yr.1-5 yrs.5-15 yrs.15-25 yrs.25-45 yrs.45-65 yrs.65 & over.
  • Page 39
    Continued from previous page...
    Months.St. James Street.High Street.Hoe Street.Wood Street.Hale End.Higham Hill
  • Page 39
    ERYSIPELAS. The following tables show the incidence by months, ages and wards:—
    Month.All ages.Under 1 yr.1-5 yrs.5-15 yrs.15-25 yrs.25-45 yrs.45-65 yrs.65 & over.
  • Page 40
    Continued from previous page...
    Months.St. James Street.High Street.Hoe Street.Wood Street.Hale End.Higham Hill
  • Page 40
    CEREBRO-SPINAL MENINGITIS. Nine cases were notified during the year. In two of these the diagnosis was not confirmed.
    No.Ward.Age.Date notified.Hospital.Remarks.
  • Page 40
    MALARIA. Two cases were notified. Both were members of the Forces home on leave and contracted the disease abroad.
    No.Ward.Age.Date Notified.Hospital.
  • Page 41
    MEASLES. The following tables show the incidence by months, ages and wards:—
    Month.All ages.Under 1 yr.1-5 yrs.5-15 yrs.15-25 yrs.25-45 yrs.45—65 yrs.65 & over.
  • Page 42
    WHOOPING COUGH. The following tables show the incidence by months, ages and wards:—
    Month.All ages.Under 1 yr.1-5 yrs.5-15 yrs.15-25 yrs.25-45 yrs.45-65 yrs.65 & over.
  • Page 43
    TUBERCULOSIS. The following table shows particulars of new cases of tuberculosis and of all deaths from the disease in the Borough during 1945 :—
    Age Periods.New Cases.Deaths.
  • Page 43
    The 67 deaths represent a death-rate of 0.6 per 1,000 population. New cases in 1944 were 158 with 74 deaths—i.e., a rate of 0.73. The returns for the past two years are compared below:—
    YearNew CasesDeaths
  • Page 43
    The period elapsing between notification and death, and the number of cases not notified were as follows:—
    Under 3 months.3 to 6 months.6 to 9 months.9 to 12 months.Over 12 months.Not notified.Notified after death.
  • Page 44
    The table given below shows the number of cases on the Register at the beginning and end of 1945:—
    Pulmonary.Total.NonPulmonary.TotalGrand Total.
    No. on Register 1st JanuaryM.F.M.F.
  • Page 44
    Removals from the Register were made up as follows:—
    Pulmonary.Non-Pul monary.Pulmonary.Non-Pulmonary.
  • Page 44
    Treatment of Tuberculosis.—Treatment is given under the Essex County Council's Scheme. The admissions to Hospital during 1945 were as follows:—
    PulmonaryNon-PulmonaryTotal 1945Total 1944
  • Page 45
    (ii) The following table shows the admissions, discharges and deaths during 1945:—
    Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Other Diseases.Tuberculosis.Totals.
  • Page 46
    Disease.Under 5 years.5-10 years.10-15 years.Over 15 years.Total.Grand Total.
  • Page 47
    Measles.DiphtheriaScarlet Fever.Other Diseases.Total.
  • Page 47
    The County Medical Officer has kindly furnished the following return of patients treated in the Tuberculosis Pavilion during 1945:—
    Classification in accordance with Ministry of Health Memorandum 37.T. (Rev.).In Hospital on 1st January, 1945.Admitted during year.Discharged during year.Died during year.In Hospital on 31st December, 1945.
  • Page 52
    REGISTRATION OF BIRTHS. The Registrar-General's returns show the following registrations during the calendar year :—
    (a) Live Births.
  • Page 52
    Of the 1,560 local registrations, 85 belonging to other areas are excluded, leaving a nett total of 1,475.
    Month.St. James Street.High Street.Hoe Street.Wood Street.Hale End.Higham Hill.Total.
  • Page 53
    Attendances.—The following table shows the average attendances at the various Nurseries during 1945 (Mondays to Fridays only).
    Month.Nurseries.Over 2 yrs.Under 2 yrs.Total.
  • Page 54
    The scheme attained a limited success in Walthamstow in the earlier years of the war, but fell into disuse by the end of 1945, as will be seen from the following table: -
    Registered Daily Guardians.Mothers requiring Daily Guardians.
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  • Page 55
    Infant Deaths, Neo-Natal Mortality and Stillbirths.
    Year.Live Births.Birth Bate.Stillbirths.Neo-Natal Deaths.Infant Deaths.
    No.Per 1,000 live births.Per 1,000 population.No.Per 1,000 live births.No.Per 1,000 live births.
    W'stow. births.England & Wales
  • Page 56
    Illegitimate Births and Mortality.
    Year.Live Births.Infantile Deaths.Death Rates.
  • Page 58
    Under 1 week1-2 weeks2-3 weeks3-4 weeksTotal deaths under 4 weeks4 weeks and under 3 months3 months and under 6 months6 months and under 9 months9 months and under 12 monthsTotal deaths under 1 yearSt. James St.High StreetHoe StreetWood StreetHale EndHigham HillTotal
  • Page 59
    Monday2 to 4 p.m.Ante- and Post-NatalLow Hall Lane, Markhouse Road, E. 17.
  • Page 60
    The detailed finding at first visit paid during 1945 are given in the following table:-
    How Fed.Sleeping Arrangements.Condition of baby.Accommodation.
    BreastBreast & HandHandWith MotherCot or CradleGoodFairBadWhole houseFlatHalf houseThree roomsTwo roomsOne room
  • Page 61
    Ward.Visits to Children under 1 year.Visits to Children 1-5 years.Grand Total.Unsuccessful Visits.Visits to Nurse Children.Visits re Milk Scheme.Ante-Natal Visits.Other Visits.Total Visits.
    First.Re-visits.Total.First Visit.Subsequent Visits.Total Visits.
    12345678910Cols. 5-10.
  • Page 62
    An analysis of the case papers of patients admitted during 1945 showed the following position:—
    Disease.Number admitted.Number with live vermin.Number with nits only.
  • Page 63
    Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Services. The following table summarises the attendances at the Clinics held :—
    New Patients:—Ante-NatalPost-Natal
  • Page 63
    Summary of Attendances at Welfare Clinics.
    Clinic.First Attendances of New Cases.Re -attendances.Grand Total.
    Under 1 yr. of age.1-5 yrs. of age.Total.Under 1 yr. of age.1-5 yrs. of age.Total.
  • Page 65
    Sale of Milk, etc., at Clinics. —The quantity and value of milk and food sold and issued free during 1945 was as follows:—
    Sales.Free Issue.
  • Page 66
    The work done during the calendar year is shown in the following table compiled from information kindly supplied by Miss D. Carter:— Clinics.
    First Attendances of New Cases.Re -attendances.Grand Total.
    Under 1 yr.1-5 yrs.Total.Under 1 yr.1-5 yrs.Total.
  • Page 66
    Home Visits.
    Visits to Children under 1 year.Visits to Children 1-5 years.Grand Total.
  • Page 66
    SUMMARY OF MUNICIPAL AND VOLUNTARY SCHEMES. The following tables give the total number of attendances at clinics and home visits :— Attendances at Clinics.
    First Attendances.Re-attendances.Grand Total.
    Under 1 year of age.1-5 years of age.Total.Under 1 year of age.1-5 years of age.Total.
  • Page 67
    The number of first attendances of children under one year of age at Child Welfare Centres exceeded the number of notified live births. Home Visits
    To Children under 1 year of age.To Children 1-5 years of age.Total.
  • Page 67
    Defects Seen at Orthopaedic Clinic in Children under Five Years of Age.
  • Page 68
    Mothers.Children under 5.Mothers.Children under 5.
  • Page 69
    Referred by:—
  • Page 69
    Classification of cases:—
  • Page 69
    Help Given to Old and New Cases, 1945.
  • Page 69
  • Page 70
    HOSPITAL ACCOMMODATION FOR CONFINEMENTS. The following numbers of confinements occurred at the Institutions specified (Walthamstow residents only):—
  • Page 70
    EVACUATION OF EXPECTANT MOTHERS. The number of evacuations carried out under the Government/ L.C.C. Scheme has been:—
  • Page 71
    "The number of cases for the year ending December, 31st 1945, are:—
  • Page 72
    MIDWIVES ACTS, 1902-1936.
  • Page 72
    The following table shows the work done by midwives (including those employed at Thorpe Coombe- Maternity Hospital) during 1945:—
  • Page 72
    The above table includes the following numbers with regard to work done at Thorpe Coombe :—
  • Page 72
    The percentages of Medical Aid Notices were:—
  • Page 73
    For complications during pregnancy:—
  • Page 73
    For complications during labour:—
  • Page 73
    For complications in regard to the infant:—
  • Page 73
    Municipal Midwifery and Maternity Service. —The table below shows the number of visits done:—
    Ante-Natal Visits.Deliveries.Lying-in Visits.Total Visits.
    Patients' Homes.Midwife's House.Clinic.Mid.Mat.
  • Page 74
    The Registrar-General has issued the following rates with regard to the notification of Puerperal Pyrexia. The Walthamstow rates are set out in comparison.
    Area.Per 1,000 live and still births.
    Puerperal Fever.Puerperal Pyrexia.
  • Page 74
    The notifications and rates for Walthamstow for the past four years have been as follows:—
  • Page 74
    OPHTHALMIA NEONATORUM. The number of cases notified during the last two years were :—
    Year.Totals.St. James Street.High Street.Hoe Street.Wood Street.Hale End.Higham Hill.
  • Page 75
    Continued from previous page...
    Year.TreatedVision unimpaired.Vision impaired.Total Blindness.Deaths.
    At Home.In Hospital.
  • Page 75
    Case No.Date of DeathCertified Cause of Death and Classification.AgeWard
  • Page 75
    The following table shows the maternal mortalitv rates for 1945:—
    Births Registered.Deaths of Women due to Pregnancy and Child-Bearing.
    WALTHAMSTOW.England and Wales.
    Puerperal Sepsis. (Heading 29 R.G.)Other Puerperal Causes. (Heading 30 R.G.)Total.Rates per 1,000 Births registered.Rates per 1,000 Births registered.
    PuerperalSepsis.Other Puerperal Causes.Total.PuerperalSepsis.Other Puerperal Causes,Total.
  • Page 76
    The following table sets out the maternal mortality, stillbirth and neo-natal death rates for the past five years: —
    Rate (per 1,000 live births).1945.1944.1943.1942.1941.
  • Page 76
    The maternal mortality rates (per 1,000 total births) for the past five years have been as follows:—
    Year.Total Births Registered.Deaths.Rates per 1,000 Births. (Live and Still).
    Puerperal Sepsis.Other PuerperalCauses,Total.Puerperal Sepsis.Other Puerperal Causes.Total.
  • Page 79
    No. of Clinics held.No. of attendances.Average attendance per session.
  • Page 80
    COMPARATIVE FIGURES. From January, 1936, to the end of December, 1945.
  • Page 81
  • Page 81
    Indications for the admission of Ante-Natal patients.
    Number of Cases.
  • Page 81
    Emergency admissions:
  • Page 81
    Operations performed:
  • Page 82
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  • Page 82
    Breast Feeding. —88.1 per cent, of mothers discharged from the Hospital were completely breast feeding their infants; a further 9.42 per cent, were partly breast feeding, while in 2.48 per cent, of cases, bottle feeding had, for one reason or another, to be substituted.
  • Page 82
    (a) Stillbirths.Number of cases.
  • Page 82
    The stillbirth rate was 37.3 per 1,000 live and stillbirths.
    (b) Infant Deaths.Number of Cases.
  • Page 83
  • Page 83
    Infant Deaths and Stillbirths. —The following is an analysis of causes of stillbirths and infant deaths during 1945. The total number of stillbirths was 38.
    (a) Premature, i.e., weighing 5½ lbs. or less(b) Full termTotal
  • Page 84
    A post-mortem examination was made in 10 cases. The number of deaths within 10 days of Infants born in the Hospital was 11, details being as follows:—
    (a) Premature.(b) Full Term.Total.
  • Page 85
    Mothers attending Ante-Natal Clinic, 1,645; Post-Natal Clinic, 707. Infectious Diseases:—
    Ophthalmia Neonatorum.Puerperal Pyrexia.