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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]


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    SECTION A. Statistics and Social Conditions of the Area.
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    The Chief Officer of Public Assistance of the London County Council has kindly given me the following details as to the number of persons resident in Finsbury who were in receipt of domiciliary relief during the last week of each quarter of 1936-7:—
    Last week of quarter.Number of persons in receipt of domiciliary relief (excluding medical relief only).Number of persons in receipt of medical relief only.
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    The steady improvement in the employment position for the Borough of Finsbury during the last few years was well maintained in 1937 as the following statement will show:—
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    Estimate of Population, 1937.
    Estimated population 1937.Census population 1931.Census population 1921.
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    Births and Birth Rates. These are given in the annexed table:—
    Year.Population in the middle of each year.Corrected Births.Corrected Births Rates.
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    The rates for the various districts in 1937 were as follows:-
    Population.Births.Birth Rate.
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    The table below gives particulars of th; stillbirths allocated to the Borough registered last year:—
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    Death Rates, 1912-1937.
    Year.The Borough.Year.The Borough.
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    Deaths, 1937.
    Causes of Death.All Ages.0-1-2-5-15-25-35-45-55-65-75-
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    From the previous table it will be seen that the chief causes of death were as follows:—
    No. of Deaths.
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    The following table shows the number of deaths from cancer and the death rates for the last 12 years. At the beginning of the century the death rate was 0.70 per 1,000:—
    Year.No. of Deaths.Death Rate.
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    Inquests. Inquests were held on 50 residents of the Borough last year as compared with 53 in 1936. The table below gives the findings of the inquests:—
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    Deaths of Persons 1-5 Years. Sixteen deaths occurred last year of persons between the ages of one and five years. The deaths were ascribed to the following causes:-
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    Comparative Table. The following table shows the general birth and death rates and infant mortality in each of the Metropolitan Boroughs:—
    Borough.Estimated Resident Population (mid-1937).Live Births Rate per 1,000 Population.Death Rate per 1,000 Population.Infantile Mortality Rate per 1,000 Live Births.
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    Attendances at the Clinics and classes in 1937 :—
    Leage Street.Pine Street.
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    At the various clinics numbers were allocated as follows:—
    Leage Street.Pine Street.
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    The cases nursed by the Metropolitan District Nursing Association in 1937 for the Public Health and the Maternity and Child Welfare Committees were as follows :—
    Maternity.Public Health.
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    The number of visits paid by the Health Visitors to babies and children under 5 years last year, was as follows —
    DistrictFirst Births.Total Births.Total Visits to Children under 1 year.Total Visits to Children aged 1-5 years.
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    The visits paid in the past five years by the Council's Health Visitors are tabulated below:—
    Year.No. of District Health Visitors.Visits to Children under 1 year.Visits to Children aged 1-5 years.Total Visits.
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    Foster Mothers. The following is a list of the persons in Finsbury who accept for reward the care of children under the provisions of the Public Health (London) Act, 1936:—
    Name of Foster Mother.Address.Number of children under 9 years of age in care of foster mothers on 31st Dec., 1937.Approved number of nurse children.
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    The following number of Notices were received during 1937:—
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    Ophthalmia Neonatorum.
    No. of Cases notified 1937Cases treatedNo. Vision unimpairedNo. Vision impairedTotal BlindnessNo. of Deaths
    at Homein Hospital
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    Puerperal Pyrexia and Fever. Out of 842 Finsbury births notified in 1937, there were 14 cases of Puerperal Pyrexia and three cases of Puerperal Fever. The causes were as follows:—
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    The statistics for puerperal fever for previous years are appended:—
    Years.1912 -211922 -261927 -31193219331934193519361937Total.
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    A summary of the meetings held in 1937 is appended:—
    Centre.No. of Meetings.Attendances.Average Attendance.No. of Babies and Children up to 5 years.
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    The amounts of the annual contribution are as follows:—
    AssociationAmount of Grant
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    Infant Mortality, 1937—Causes of Death.
    Cause of Death.0-1 weeks.1-2 weeks.2-3 weeks.3-4 weeks.Total under four weeks.1-3 mths.3-6 mths.6-9 mths.9-12 mths.Total under one year.Clerkenwell.St. Luke.St. Sepul.
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    Infant Deaths, 1911-37. The deaths of infants allocated to the various diseases since 1911 are given in the following table:—
    Diseases.1911 -20.1921 -25.1926 -30.1931 -35.1936.1937.Total.
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    The following table compares Finsbury with London and England and Wales generally:—
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    The infant mortality rates for the period 1909 to 1937 arranged according to districts, are given in the subjoined table:—
    Year.The Borough.Clerkenwell.St. Luke's.St. Sepulchre.
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    The figures for previous years are annexed:—
    Year.Corrected Births.Corrected Deaths.Infant Mortality.
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    Midwifery Scheme. I have set out below the number of Finsbury cases attended by the three Hospitals included in the Council's Scheme, 1937.
    Total No. of cases.No. admitted to hospital.
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    The analysis of the remaining Finsbury births in 1937 is as follows:—
    Voluntary Hospitals:—In-patient.Out-patient.
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    The following were the conditions calling for admission in the 190 cases which were charged as in-patients under the Council's Midwifery Scheme:— Maternal Causes.
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    The following attendances were made last year:—
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    Below I have indicated the number of cases attended by the municipal home helps since the beginning of the scheme in 1929.
    Year.No. of Cases.
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    The following table sets forth the maternal death rates for Finsbury for the past eight years under the two headings (1) from Puerperal Sepsis, (2) from Puerperal Sepsis and other Puerperal Causes:—
    From Puerperal Sepsis. (Rates per 1,000 live births.)From Puerperal Sepsis and other Puerperal Causes. (Rates per 1,000 live births.) Total Puerperal Mortality.
    Year.Finsbury.London.England & Wales.Finsbury.London.England & Wales.
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    Statement relating to the Work at the Finsbury and Pentonville School Treatment Centres, 1037:— Finsbury Centre, 31, Spencer Street, E.C.I.
    Ailment.No. of cases treated.No. of attendances made.
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    Routine Medical Inspection of Elementary School Children in Finsbury.
    Age Groups.Number ExaminedClothing and boots.Nutrition.Cleanliness of head.Cleanliness of body.Teeth.Vision.
    GoodFairPoorGoodAverageBelow NormalBadCleanNitsPediculiCleanDirtyPediculiAll SoundLess than 4 Decayed4 or more Decayed6 /6 in both Eyes6/9 in either or both Eyes6/12 or worse in either or both Eyes
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    Examination of Elementary School Children in Finsbury.
    Number examinedEntrantsAge 7Age 11Age 14EntrantsAge 7Age 11Age 14
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    The district work of the Sanitary Inspectors during 1937 is presented below in tabular form:—
    Mr. NormanMr. NewdickMr. LayMr. JenkinsMr. WardMr. LongdenMr. ClintonTotals
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    Mr. NormanMr. NewdickMr. LayMr. JenkinsMr. WardMr. LongdenMr. ClintonTotals
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    Details of the Work of the Lady Sanitary Inspector during 1937.
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    Summary of Matters for which Notices were Served:—
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    One hundred and twenty-eight plans were deposited last year. These related to:—
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    Details of Defects and Defaults in Factories, Workshops and Workplaces, for which Notices were Served in 1937.
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    Inspection of Factories, Workshops and Workplaces.
    Premises.Inspections.Written Notices.Prosecutions
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    Defects Found in Factories, Workshops and Workplaces.
    Particulars.FoundRemediedReferred to H.M. InspectorNo. of Prosecutions
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    Finsbury Outworkers Notified During 1937. (List sent in twice yearly.)
    Trade.Con tractors.Homeworkers.Totals.
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    The following table shows the work under this heading during the year 1937.
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    The following table gives statistics relating to the inspection of canal boats for the past 6 years:—
    Year.Boats InspectedPersons found on boatsTotalRegistered for.
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    THE SHOPS ACT, 1934. At the end of the year there were some 1,341 premises within the Borough to which the Act applies, distributed as follows:—
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    The summary below indicates the work carried out under the Act during the year:—
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    Persons Attending St. Pancras Cleansing Station for Seven Year, 1931 to 1937.
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    The annual census of homeless persons in London was taken in the night of 21st February and arrangements were made for a census to be taken at the two common lodging houses in the Borough with the following result:—
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    L. Inspection of Dwelling-houses during the year :—
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    The following summary gives particulars of the applications dealt with last year in the Town Clerk's Department:—
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    The figures in respect of the registration of Milkshops are set out below:—
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    The following licences were granted last year :—
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    Fifteen samples of ice-cream were examined last year bacteriologically, and the results are summarised below :—
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    Samples of the milk delivered to the schools is taken regularly and sent for analysis to the public analyst (under the Food anc Drugs (Adulteration) Act) and the results are shown below.
    Schools at which Samples taken.No. of Samples.Result.
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    Summary of foodstuffs seized by or surrendered to the meat inspector during 1937 :—
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    Imported Mutton and Lamb (Caseous Lymphadenitis) :—
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    The annual amount of meat and offal seized and surrendered by the Meat Inspector in Finsbury from 1927 to 1937 has been as follows:—
    Year.Diseased Meat. Tons.Diseased Offal. Tons.Decomposed Meat. Tons.Decomposed Offal. Tons.Total. Tons.
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    Bacteriological Examinations.
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    The following is a summary of the number of registered premises in the Borough at the end of year:—
    No. of Premises.
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    The number of official samples taken during 1937 was 600, of which the following is a summary:—
    Name of Article.Gen.Adult.TotalName of Article.Gen.Adult.Total
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    The statistics for previous years are subjoined:—
    Year.Total examined.Genuine.Adulterated.Percentage of adulterated samples.
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    Case Rates of Infectious Diseases per 1,000 Living:—
    Finsbury.London.England and Wales.
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    All ages.Under 1 yr.1-5 yrs.5-15 yrs.15-25 yrs.25-45 yrs.45-65 yrs.65 +Clerk-enwell.St. Luke.St. Sepul.Total removals to hospital.
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    Proceedings under the Vaccination Acts, 1867 to 1898 for 1936.
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    Those cases wrongly diagnosed were found to be suffering from:—
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    The particulars of cases for the last 10 years are subjoined:—
    Year.No. of Cases.No. of Deaths.Case Mortality. No. of Deaths per 100 Cases.No. of Cases per 10,000 of Population.No. of Deaths per 10,000 of Population.
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    The particulars of cases for the last 10 years are appended:—
    Year.No. of Cases.No. of Deaths.Case Mortality No. of Deaths per 100 Cases notified.No. of Cases per 10,000 of Population.No. of Deaths per 10,000 of Population.
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    The following table gives comparative figures for the past four years:—
    Year.No. of New Cases.No. Schick Tested.No. Treated without Schick Test.No. Immunisation Completed.Nos. Discontinued Treatment.Nos. Re-Schicked.No. under Treatment at end of Year.
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    Comparative Table.—The following table gives comparative figures of deaths in children under 5 years from measles, whooping cough, and other infectious diseases:—
    Period.Measles.Whooping Cough.SmallpoxScarlet Fever.Diphtheria
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    These cases are only admitted to the isolation hospitals in exceptional circumstances.
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    The following table shows the number of deaths from cancer and the death rates for the last 10 years. At the beginning of the century the death rate was 581 per 1,000.
    Year.No. of Deaths.Death Rate.
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    Pulmonary Tuberculosis.—The following information isofinterest as throwing some light on the approximate duration of cases of tuberculosis of the lungs after notification.
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    Tuberculosis Notification Register. The total new cases of Tuberculosis, both pulmonary and non-pulmonary entered on the register in 1937 numbered 129. The age period details were as follows:—
    Age Periods.0-1-5-10-15-20-25-35-45-55-65-Total
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    The number of cases remaining on the register of notifications at 31st December, 1937, was as follows:—
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    The numbers of notifications and deaths of Finsbury cases of Phthisis since 1901 in ten-year periods are appended:— PHTHISIS NOTIFICATIONS AND DEATHS 1901-1935.
    Year.Average No. of Primary Notifications.Average No. of Cases Notified per 10,000 of Inhabitants.Average No. of Deaths.Average Death Rate per 1,000.
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    Year.Finsbury Deaths from Phthisis.Finsbury Deaths from other forms of Tuberculosis.Phthisis Death Rates per 1,000 Inhabitants.
    Finsbury.England and Wales.
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    Comparative Table—Total Deaths and Deaths from Tuberculosis (All Forms), 1918-1937.
    Year.Total Deaths.Deaths from Tuberculosis.Tuberculosis precentage levied on the total deaths.
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    Below will be found a summary of the work of tiie Tuberculosis Dispensary in 1937 :—
    Cases other than Contacts.Pulmonary.Non-Pulmonary.Total.
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    * These persons were treated in the following institutions:—
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    Number of cases on Contacts Register.
    Infants (under 5).School Age (5-14).Adolescents (14-25).Total (0-25).
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    Date.Name and Address of DefendantOffence.Result.