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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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In 1936 the percentage was 3. 7.
The stillbirths are investigated by the Assistant Medical
Officer of Health. The following reasons were ascertained as the
cause :—
Pressure on Cord 3 Abnormal Presentation 3
Placenta Praevia 4 Foetal Injury 1
Accidental Haemorrhage 3 Failure of Placental CirculaFcetal
Deformity 1 tion 2
Toxaemia 2 Maternal Syphilis 2
Eclampsia 1 Unknown 4
Abnormal Labour 3
Of these cases, one prolapsed cord was associated with breech
presentation in a twin ; one death occurred in a case of toxaemia
and was associated with gross fcetal injury following abnormal
presentation ; one case of abnormal presentation was associated
with prematurity.
Of the six cases where no definite cause was ascertainable,
one was associated with grave heart disease of the mother, two
with maceration of the foetus (one of which was full-term and one
premature), and, in the last case, although a post-mortem of
the infant was held, no cause was discovered.
Deaths and Death Rate.
The number of Finsbury residents who died in 1937 was 857,
this is equivalent to a crude death rate for the whole Borough of

The table below gives particulars of th; stillbirths allocated to the Borough registered last year:—

Illegitimatei Males......1
Total......29 = 3.4% of total births.