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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The following table sets forth the maternal death rates for Finsbury for the past eight years under the two headings (1) from Puerperal Sepsis, (2) from Puerperal Sepsis and other Puerperal Causes:—

From Puerperal Sepsis. (Rates per 1,000 live births.)From Puerperal Sepsis and other Puerperal Causes. (Rates per 1,000 live births.) Total Puerperal Mortality.
Year.Finsbury.London.England & Wales.Finsbury.London.England & Wales.

* Not available.
The term "associated with childbirth" includes causes of death which
have no special connection with the puerperal state; for instance, one death
in Finsbury in 1937 was due to broncho-pneumonia following severe
epileptic fits, giving a total maternal mortality for Finsbury of 2.46
per 1,000.
As will be seen from the above table, the Borough of Finsbury
has an exceptionally good record, the maternal mortality being on
the average less than that of London as a whole and England
and Wales.
I have set out below particulars regarding the two deaths in
connection or associated with childbirth.
Maternal Deaths.
1. One death was due to broncho-pneumonia following severe
epileptic fits. The woman was admitted to hospital in a condition
of status epilepticus, and was delivered of a premature child which
survived. She had been an epileptic for 20 years, and the
pregnancy was not considered to be a contributory cause. This
death is included in the "associated" table.