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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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bring the children to the Dispensary even when this is entirely

Number of cases on Contacts Register.

Infants (under 5).School Age (5-14).Adolescents (14-25).Total (0-25).
Total number on Register24177228328
Number seen during 193795537101

The London County Council have arrangements whereby
child contacts of tuberculosis persons can be boarded out,
when either they are in danger of being infected with tuberculosis,
or the parent or parents are receiving residential treatment for
It is considered a valuable scheme, making it possible for the
parents to have treatment and removing them from serious danger
of infection. In two cases where the parents have consistently
refused boarding-out, it was found that one child had tuberculosis
of the spine, and in the other case tubercular fibrosis of the lungs.
Since 1930, 69 children have been boarded-out, of whom
four were still away at the beginning of the year. During 1937
these have returned home, and three others, none of whom
remained away at the end of the year, have been similarly
dealt with.
It would appear that the scheme is preventing a certain
amount of infection of the closer contacts, and it is probable that
if it could be extended would considerably reduce the incidence of
tuberculosis in the future. Parents, however, are only rarely
willing for this course to be adopted, and other difficulties arise
from time to time.
Sanocrysin Treatment.
This form of treatment has been undertaken in the
Dispensary for a few cases where it appeared likely to be of