London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The number of persons using the swimming bath last year
was 86,°44 and the slipper baths:—Merlin Street, 143,539 ;
Ironmonger Row, 139,978.
The number of women using the wash-tubs last year was as
No. of Washers.
Merlin Street Establishment 30,074
Ironmonger Row Establishment 25,248
There is also a swimming pool attached to the Northampton
Institute in St. John Street, and eight samples of water analysed
last year gave satisfactory results. A satisfactory system of
purification has been installed.
Extension of Ironmonger Row Baths.
The extension of these baths mentioned in last year's report is in
Common Lodging Houses.
There are two common lodging houses licensed in Finsbury
as follows:—
57, White Lion Street, James Shuttleworth.
88, Old Street, Salvation Army.
The number of visits made by the Sanitary Inspectors in
1937 was 116.

The annual census of homeless persons in London was taken in the night of 21st February and arrangements were made for a census to be taken at the two common lodging houses in the Borough with the following result:—

88, Old Street:Licensed No. of Beds 348 men Beds occupied 290 „ No. known to be in receipt of public assistance nil. No. of beds paid for by charit able organisation 6 „
57, White Lion Street :Licensed No. of Beds 92 „ Beds occupied 29 „ No. known to be in receipt of public assistance 4 „ No. of beds paid for by charitable organisations nil.