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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The following attendances were made last year:—

St. Bartholomew's Hospital174
Royal Northern Hospital63
City of London Maternity Hospital582

Routine Wasserman Tests.—At the request of the Finsbury
representatives a routine blood test is now undertaken of all
Finsbury mothers attending the ante-natal clinics of the Hospitals
under the Scheme.
The necessary treatment required is given either at the special
clinic attached to the hospitals or at neighbouring Clinics.
Disinfection by Local Sanitary Authority.
A midwife who has been in contact with a person suffering from
puerperal fever or any other condition which may raise suspicion of
infection must notify the Local Supervising Authority and unless
directed otherwise must have all washable clothing boiled and send
all other clothing to be disinfected by the Local Sanitary Authority.
Last year, on request, the clothing of certain midwives was
disinfected on 7 occasions.
Midwives Act, 1936.
This Act provides, inter alia, for the establishment by
local supervising authorities of a salaried midwives' service. It will
be noted that the London County Council, as the supervising
authority, are responsible for this service, which commenced in
January, 1938. Arrangements have been made for co-operation
with the London County Council, and will be described in the
Report for next year.
Home Helps.
The Council maintains a panel of home helps to attend the
homes of necessitous nursing mothers in the Borough. At the end
of the year there were ten persons on the panel.
Two persons were appointed on the panel during the year.
The names of two persons were removed from the panel following
removal from Finsbury or other cause.
The number of applications received last year for the services
of a home help was 164; nineteen were cancelled for various