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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Immunisation Clinic—contd.—
The following figures show the use made of this Clinic in 1937.
Total attendances at the Clinic 434. Number of Clinics held 47. Average attendance per Clinic 9.

The following table gives comparative figures for the past four years:—

Year.No. of New Cases.No. Schick Tested.No. Treated without Schick Test.No. Immunisation Completed.Nos. Discontinued Treatment.Nos. Re-Schicked.No. under Treatment at end of Year.
193434011 [2]1 [0]2216203600005
1935180036 [14]3 [1]118906215141795212
193693039 [27]1 [1]4566160610035505
1937135010 [8]0100555107308841019

The Numbers in brackets indicate those found to be Negative.
Columns 7, 8, 9 indicate those who have received Three Doses of T.A.M. or T.A.F.
Total number of cases since the scheme commenced in which it was found necessary to give more than three injections, nil.