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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The following notes relating to unemployment in Finsbury
have been kindly communicated to me by Mr. E. J. Fair, the
Manager of the local Employment Exchange :—

The steady improvement in the employment position for the Borough of Finsbury during the last few years was well maintained in 1937 as the following statement will show:—

January, 19351,60437948192.050
January, 19361,68143622242,063
January, 19371,21335521361,615
January, 19381,3142531661,639

Apart from the opportunities of employment locally, a considerable
number of workpeople—men, women and juveniles—were
placed with employers in other districts.
The shortage of tne more skilled types of workmen has continued
with the result that demands of local employers frequently have had
to be met by the introduction of applicants from other districts.
There is, however, a considerable number of unskilled and semiskilled
workpeople for whom there can be little hope of more or less
permanent employment, either locally or elsewhere, and these types
account for the bulk of the live register.
It is with pleasure that one is able to record that more work
of an intermittent nature is now available, even for the labourer
type, and comparatively few men have been wholly unemployed
for any length of time.
The demand for juvenile labour is still much in excess of the
supply, and there is a marked tendency for young people to select
jobs of work which appear to offer regular employment of a
progressive nature. Many employers have been quick to realize
this feature, and much has been done to improve the working