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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Inspection and Supervision of Foods and Drugs
Bye-laws for the Protection of Food.—The Bye-laws made by
the London County Council for the protection of food, on 28th July,
1936, were confirmed by the Ministry of Health last year.
They became operative on 1st January, 1937.
Milkshops and Dairies.
No legal proceedings were found to be necessary in respect
of milk premises during the year.
Applications for Registration.—Thirty-three applications for
registration were considered during the year; five of them were
in respect of a round only.

The figures in respect of the registration of Milkshops are set out below:—

No. of Purveyors of Milk on Register at end of 1936186
No. of Purveyors removed from Register during the year39
No. of Purveyors added to Register during the year33
No. of Purveyors of Milk on Register at end of year 1937180

632 visits of inspection were made and 10 notices served for
cleansing and repairs to be carried out. Many improvements in
the method of storage and handling of milk have been suggested,
which the dairy occupiers have willingly put into operation.
A large majority of milkshops in the Borough are now provided
with one of the modern gas or electric refrigerators for storage
The number of small purveyors of milk who do not sell milk
other than in sealed bottles or other containers as delivered to them
now numbers 54.