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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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conditions and the prospects of advancement in factories and
The position in regard to the unskilled groups is still an
unsolved problem which is partly being assisted by the Ministry
of Labour Training Schemes, from which a number of local
applicants have benefited.
Quite a number of new factories have been erected in the area
recently, and these, in the main, have been acquired by local firms
to meet a long overdue demand for additional workshop space,
improved conditions and modern equipment. It is of interest to
record that the majority of local industries have been carried on
here for generations, and these activities are regarded as essentially
local to the area.
A number of firms which previously imported their wares
are now manufacturers of the same class of goods, and this
accounts for the expansion of their businesses.
At the Decennial Census made in April, 1931, the population
of Finsbury was 69,888. The distribution by districts is given
below. The population of the Borough to the middle of 1937 is
estimated by the Registrar General to be 58,700, which is the
figure used in compiling this report. The population has gradually
diminished since the census of 1901.

Estimate of Population, 1937.

Estimated population 1937.Census population 1931.Census population 1921.
St. Luke19,58723,31924,592
St. Sepulchre6657921,081

The estimate does not include the Finsbury residents detained
in various London County Council Public Assistance Institutions.