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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Home visits were paid by the Superintendents in 984 cases,
to 71 expectant mothers and 913 general visits.
The Health Visitors also made 690 visits to expectant mothers
in connection with preparations for confinement.
Clothing clubs are held at both centres for the sale of woollen
and other garments at cost price, for the children of those mothers
who attend the centres.

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Artificial Sunlight Clinic
No. of mothers31
No. of attendances111
No. of children, 1—5 years6865
No. of attendances837676
No. of babies1919
No. of attendances121116
* Italian Clinic—
No. of mothersNot held22
No. of attendancesat Leage56
No. of children, 1—5 yearsStreet.67
No. of attendances...535
No. of babies...69
No. of attendances...663
* (These figures are included above)
Massage Clinic—
No. of childrenNot held at16
No. of attendancesLeage Street.299
The numbers of dinners served at the centres were as follows :—
Leage Street.Pine Street.
To mothersNil4,468
To children9,7837,351
Sale and Grants of Dried, Milk—
Sale of Dried Milk1,831$ lb.1,749 lb.
Free Grants of Dried Milk1,066 lb.2,483 lb.