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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The cases nursed by the Metropolitan District Nursing Association in 1937 for the Public Health and the Maternity and Child Welfare Committees were as follows :—

Maternity.Public Health.
Maternity conditions30348
Whooping cough12899
Measles and German measles26498080
Scarlet Fever-11
Total cases190
Total visits1,5131

Hospital Treatment.
Infants' Hospital, Vincent Square, Westminster.
The Borough Council retains three cots for use when required
at the Infants' Hospital, Vincent Square. Ailing babies and children
up to the age of five years are admitted at the request of the Health
Department. Provision is made for the admission of the mother
with the baby when this course is considered necessary. The
Borough Council pay £25 per cot per annum retaining fee, and
£2 per week per cot when occupied by cases sent to the Hospital
by the Department.
Twenty-six were admitted last year under the Scheme, for
the following conditions :—
Adenitis 2 Hare Lip 1
Bronchitis and Pneumonia 11 Marasmus 1
Carditis 1 Otitis Media 2
Diarrhoea and Vomiting 5 Unhealthy Tonsils 1
Feeding Adjustment 2
Arrangements have been made for the submission of a
report by the hospital on each case on its discharge for home on a
special form, for the guidance of the Medical Officer of the Clinic
and the Health Visitors. Any recommendations for future treatment
are duly noted and the parents are assisted in every way
possible to carry out the treatment or methods of feeding advised.