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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Licensed Houses.
All the licensed houses in the Borough are inspected as regards
sanitary accommodation from time to time, and on the transfer of
licences, the Department submits a special report to the Town Clerk
on these matters, so that the provision made for the use of customers
can be brought to the notice of the Licensing Justices.
There are 193 licensed premises in the Borough.—Public houses
127, beer houses 34, hotels and restaurants 3, off-licence houses 29;
this gives one licensed premises per three acres and one to each 304
persons living in the Borough.
Public Health (London) Act, 1936, Sec. 147.
Regular observations are taken with regard to the emission of
smoke from buildings in the Borough.
There is a fair proportion of large buildings in the Borough
the chimneys of which emit smoke from the boilers in connection
with the business carried on therein.
These include the following:—Breweries, distilleries, rubber
works, printing works, tobacco factories, sweet making, general
engineering, power station and hospitals.

The following table shows the work under this heading during the year 1937.

Number of complaints received20
Total number of observations made179
Number of preliminary notices served5
Number of Statutory notices served3
Legal proceedings0

An instructional card for stokers giving practical suggestions
for avoiding unnecessary smoke emission from hand-fired boilers has
been given to firms in the Borough for the guidance of the workmen
Mechanical Stokers.—The advantages of mechanical stokers
are a regular and constant feed, rendering the air supply a comparatively
simple matter, and the absence of rushes of cold air
through open doors whilst firing, and in general the result is
economy of fuel with far less smoke.
There are 20 buildings in which mechanical stokers are