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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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During the year the removal of a dairyman to adjoining
premises enabled supervision, and suggestions to be made, during
the conversion of the new premises into a dairy. The result is
that this dairyman is now in a position to deal with milk in a way
that was impossible at the premises vacated.
Five dairies are now provided with means of sterilizing milk
vessels and appliances by steam. In some dairies conditions do not
permit the installation of a sterilizing plant. This difficulty has
been overcome in two dairies, where all the milk for "bottle sales"
is delivered to them already bottled by their wholesalers.
Several more dairymen are negotiating for suitable steam
sterilizing apparatus, and it is hoped more will be in use during
the coming year.
The Milk (Special Designations) Order, 1936.
A full explanation of this Order was given in last year's
Report (pages 110-113).
By this Order the Council are authorised to grant licences to
persons, other than producers, to sell milk under special designations.

The following licences were granted last year :—

(1)To use the designation " Tuberculin Tested " Milk5
(2)To use the designation "Accredited" Milk3
(3)To use the designation "Pasteurised Milk"40
(5)Supplementary licences to sell7

Pasteurising Establishment.—There is one establishment in the
Borough licensed for the pasteurising of milk. These premises have
been under continuous supervision during the year, and a new
pasteurisation apparatus has been installed. Certain improvements
required to comply with the Order have been effected following
a detailed report on the matter, and an interview of the proprietor
by the Public Health Committee.