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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The annual amount of meat and offal seized and surrendered by the Meat Inspector in Finsbury from 1927 to 1937 has been as follows:—

Year.Diseased Meat. Tons.Diseased Offal. Tons.Decomposed Meat. Tons.Decomposed Offal. Tons.Total. Tons.

In addition to meat and offal, large quantities of diseased and
decomposed poultry, game and rabbits, unsound tinned foods,
butter, cheese, eggs, fish, fruit and vegetables are annually seized
by or surrendered to the Meat Inspector.
Disposal of Condemned Meat.
The condemned meat and offals are collected daily by the
Smithfield Animal Products, Stanwell, Staines, Middlesex, and
taken to their works at Court Farm, Stanwell.
The site is an open one of some 34 acres, and is excellently
conducted without any nuisance.
Bone meal, meat meal, meat and bone meal, and tallow is
manufactured from the materials transported to the works. These
products are used for soaps, candles, fertilisers, and pig and poultry
" Ticks " in Veal Chop.—On 2nd March, 1937, the Meat
Inspector was handed by a firm of wholesale butchers in the
Borough a few very small structures which had the appearance of
congealed blood with the statement that this firm's customer,
i.e., a West End hotel, had returned those to the Finsbury firm
and stated that a diner had extracted those structures from the
sub-cutaneous tissue of a veal chop, and complained that he had
been given a veal chop containing " tick " eggs.