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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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only afford a doctor once a week, or only call him in once a week,
although the baby is not fit to take to hospital, and he or she is
left to the judgment of the mother. The Health Visitor finds
these cases very difficult to deal with, especially when hospital
treatment is either unsuitable or is refused. The local dispensaries
are sometimes of considerable assistance in such cases.
Birthday Cards.β€”In order to secure more complete medical
supervision of the toddlers, arrangements have been made for the
issue of special birthday cards to the toddlers on their 1st, 2nd,
3rd and 4th birthdays. The mothers are invited to bring them
to the Centre on an appointed day.
The response to these cards has been encouraging. A complete
medical inspection is carried out and the necessary advice given.

Foster Mothers.

The following is a list of the persons in Finsbury who accept for reward the care of children under the provisions of the Public Health (London) Act, 1936:β€”

Name of Foster Mother.Address.Number of children under 9 years of age in care of foster mothers on 31st Dec., 1937.Approved number of nurse children.
Evans, Mrs. Harriett5, River Street11
Hall, Mrs. Hannah A.163, Central Street11
Netley, Mrs. Rose8, Dingley Place12
Nuttall, Mrs. Ethel27, Gt. Percy Street23
Tyler, Mrs. A.20, Rahere Street11
Wearing, Mrs. Ellen73, Lever Street11
Additions to the List during 1937.
Attwood, Mrs. V.28, Busaco Street.11
*Campbell, Mrs. May72, Penton Street01
Carter, Mrs. Agnes K12, Coldbath Bldgs.02
Edwards, Mrs. Mary60, Lever Street11
Slade, Mrs. Dorothy27, Percy Circus11

* The name of this foster mother was removed from the List upon her
removal to an unknown address before the end of 1937.
In addition, two foster mothers, not included above, were removed from
the List during the year.

The following number of Notices were received during 1937:β€”

Reception of nurse children in Finsbury30
Removal of nurse children from Finsbury17