London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Mr. NormanMr. NewdickMr. LayMr. JenkinsMr. WardMr. LongdenMr. ClintonTotals
Food stalls—inspections1,4301,2181,2464353322332485,142
Butchers' shops cleansed or repaired33
Fish purveyors' shops cleansed or repaired------22
Registered food premises—inspections------192192
Registered food premises cleansed1919
Registered houses—visits of inspection4423742463204101,792
Registered houses—overcrowding cases abated---5---5
Registered houses—cleansed75885997104423
Registered houses—Intimation (Cleansing) Notices served75885997104--423
Registered houses—Statutory (Cleansing) Notices served371671712--89
First visits (complaints, casual visits)3,2353,5452,8172,6462,2311,99816,472
Intimation Notices served312237273315366-1,503
Statutory Notices served2730174758-179
Infectious disease investigations76456175110-367
House inspections304367318350372-1,711
House-to-house inspections135248110128127-748
Canal boats inspected91-91
Slaughterhouses—No. of inspections110------110
Verminous tenements—No. of inspections465999125141--470
Verminous tenements cleansed by Borough Council-------167
Underground rooms—inspections35432045602,217-2,420

The number of complaints of insanitary conditions and
nuisances received in the Public Health Office during the year
numbered 1,248.

Details of the Work of the Lady Sanitary Inspector during 1937.

Visits and Re-visits :—
Factories (other than out-workers' premises)976
Workshops and workplaces (ditto)353
Outworkers' premises (sub-contractors)389
„ „ (domestic)823
Complaints of vermin (L.C.C.)175
Public health complaints8
Public sanitary conveniences72
Intimation Notices served146
Statutory Notices served2