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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Cowhouses.—There are no cowhouses in the Borough.
Provision of Milk for School Children.
As a result of the Scheme by the Milk Marketing Board made
under Section II (i) of the Milk Act, 1934, milk was made available
to the school children in the Borough (as from 1st October, 1934)
at ½d. per one-third of a pint instead of a 1d. as hitherto.
No milk is accepted for rebate unless the source and quality
of the supply has been approved by the County Medical Officer
after consultation with the Medical Officer of Health of the local
sanitary district.
It has been generally agreed in London that the only milk to
be approved by the Metropolitan Medical Officers of Health should
be pasteurised, milk sold and labelled as such.

Samples of the milk delivered to the schools is taken regularly and sent for analysis to the public analyst (under the Food anc Drugs (Adulteration) Act) and the results are shown below.

Schools at which Samples taken.No. of Samples.Result.
Amwell Street3Genuine 3.
Bath Street1„ 1.
Bowling Green Lane3„ 3.
Central Street3„3.
Chequer Street1„1.
Compton Street4„4.
Hugh Myddelton4„4.
Moreland Street5„5.
Risinghill Street2„2.
St. Joseph's1„1.
St. Luke's6„6.
St. Mark's2„ 2.
SS. Peter and Paul2„ 2.
Vernon Square2„ 2.
White Lion Street2„ 2.
Winchester Street3„ 3.

Forty-five samples were bacteriologically examined. Of these,
34 were within the limit of 100,000 bacteria per millilitre.
Thirty-one of these contained less than 50,000 per m.l., and
of these 31, 17 contained less than 20,000 per m.l.