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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Allotted to districts, 41 deaths from phthisis belonged to
Clerkenwell and 20 to St. Luke's. The total deaths in the Borough,
the deaths due to tuberculosis, and the resulting percentages of the
total are given in the annexed table:—

Comparative Table—Total Deaths and Deaths from Tuberculosis (All Forms), 1918-1937.

Year.Total Deaths.Deaths from Tuberculosis.Tuberculosis precentage levied on the total deaths.

In the main it will be seen from this table that over a period
of years approximately 10 per cent. of all the deaths were directly
due to tuberculosis, although in immediately recent years the
percentage has been somewhat less. This is a very heavy toll
taken on the community. Nor is this the complete count. There
are many other deaths associated with tuberculosis and deaths
where the existence of the disease has been concealed.
Sixty-two per cent. of the total deaths due to tuberculosis
took place in persons between 15 and 45 years of age.
In recent years there has been a gradual transference of
phthisis deaths from the older people to young adults between
15 and 30 years. This has been specially notable amongst females.
Other forms of tuberculosis.—The number of new cases notified
was 17. Clerkenwell 10, St. Luke's 7, cases. The parts chiefly
affected were the cervical glands (4).
There were three deaths from tuberculous diseases other than
Tuberculosis Death Rate (All Forms).
The Finsbury death rate from all forms of tuberculosis in
1937 was 1.090 per 1,000; the corresponding rate for 1936 was
1015 per 1,000.