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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The district work of the Sanitary Inspectors during 1937 is presented below in tabular form:—

Mr. NormanMr. NewdickMr. LayMr. JenkinsMr. WardMr. LongdenMr. ClintonTotals
Houses damp, dirty or dilapidated, remedied10312589135162--614
Doors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings, sashcords repaired561126950348--635
Overcrowding cases abated in other than Registered Houses3621024--45
Water closet defects remedied110928779152520
Water closets erected3715414614055-532
Urinal defects remedied7356-21
Urinals erected6559-25
Soil pipe and ventilating shaft defects remedied624119--32
Soil pipe and ventilating shafts erected1437343020135
Yard defects remedied3827442253184
Waste pipe defects remedied15514303498
Waste pipes erected40341119552332
Water cistern defects remedied537621
Accumulations of rubbish or manure removed3117141466--142
Dung or dust receptacles repaired or renewed4036293853--196
Drains relaid or amended2115343142143
Drains cleared2627172333126
Rain-water pipes cleared, repaired or renewed3977730--90
Water supply to houses reinstated215513
Roofs and gutters repaired7042565091309
Area defects remedied1410310643
Washhouse defects remedied3862482380251
Animal nuisances abated3131017
Floor space unventilated55212
Stables cleansed or repaired4138
Smoke observations3371381179
Water supply laid on to upper storeys of house3418313537--155
Miscellaneous nuisances abated2439149105191
Drains tested4043155195244
Bakehouses, inspections179179
Bakehouses cleansed or repaired------2727
Restaurants—No. of inspections------726726
Restaurants cleansed or repaired------3838
Milkshops—No. of inspections------632632
Milkshops cleansed or repaired------1010
Public-houses cleansed or repaired33441217
Ice cream premises—No. of inspections------222222
Ice cream manufacturies cleansed or repaired------55