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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]


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    All Ages0-1-5-15-25-45-65-75-
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    COMPARATIVE VITAL STATISTICS - 1947 TO 1960 (Compiled from Registrar-General's Returns)
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    The following table (extracted from the Registrar General's Returns) gives the estimated number of children under the age of 15 years in the County of London and in Islington.
    Under 1 year1-4Total under 55-14Total under 15
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    The following table is reproduced for the current year showing the seasonal influences affecting deaths due to respiratory causes
    Under 1 year1-5455 - 6465 - 7475 +Total
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    No new evidence has been produced which affects the formal acceptance by the Ministry of Health of the fact that by far the greatest risk of contracting lung cancer is due to excessive and prolonged smoking of cigarettes
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    Accidents The following table gives the deaths from accidents to Islington residents from 1952 onwards : -
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    In the following table causes of accidental deaths in 1960 are analysed, in their respective age groups.
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    SECTION B PREVALENCE AND CONTROL OF INFECTIOUS AND OTHER DISEASES Notifiable Infectious Diseases and Deaths during the year 1960
    DiseaseNumber of NotificationsNumber of DeathsRemoved to Hospi talNumber of Cases returned to Registrar-General after correction of DiagnosisCases "coming to knowledge" but not Notified
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    The following is the table of successful vaccinations performed over the past eleven years-
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    Whooping Cough Comments were made in my Annual Reports for 1958 and 1959 on the unusually low incidence of whooping cough. 1960, with 565 notifications, as against 165 for 1959, showed a substantial increase.
    Under 1 year1 - 55 years and upwards
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    Fatality Rates per 1,000 notifications each age group (1951-1960)Percentage of notifications (1951-1960)
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    London (Measles and Whooping Cough) Regulations, 1938 Home visiting of measles and whooping cough cases was carried out by the Home Visitors as under:-
    No. of Investigations
    MeaslesWhooping CoughNo. of Ineffective VisitsRe-visits
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    The following figures show the numbers of persons who have been protected at sessions in 1960 in the whole of the Division comprising the areas of the Boroughs of Finsbury, Holborn and Islington.
    Age groupsSecond injections givenThird injections given
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    Diphtheria Cases and Deaths - 1927 - 1960
    YearNotified CasesDeathsYearNotified CasesConfirmed CasesDeathsYearNotified CasesConfirmed CasesDeaths
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    Corrected Notifications
    YearEngland and WalesLondonIslington
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    Diphtheria Cases and Immunisation state 1947-1960 (Inclusive)
    Year0 - 5IMMUNISED Age Groups 5 - 1515 +0 - 5NON-IMMUNISED Age Groups 5 - 1515 +UnknownTotalDeaths
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    As immunity tends to wane with the passage of time, the Immunity Index relates only to children who have been inoculated during the last 5 years by general practitioners, and in L. C.C. Welfare Centres and Schools. This is consonant with the Immunity Index given by the Ministry of Health.
    Age at 31.12.60 i . e. born in yearUnder 1 19601 - 4 1959 - 565 - 9 1955 - 5110-14 1950 - 46Under 15 Total
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    In accordance with Circular 2/50 of the Ministry of Health, the following table summarises the outbreaks of food poisoning and the character of each outbreak
    DateNo. of NotificationsNo. of persons servedNo. of cases reportedNo. of deathsFoods involved and Organisms responsible
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    Month 1960No. of CasesSexNotifiedComing to knowledgeConfirmed CasesAge GroupsCase employed as a food handlerFood Handler ContactsWater Closet Accommodation
    0–1–5–15–25–45–65–Same familySeparate familySeparateShared
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    New Cases and Mortality during 1960
    Respi ratoryNon-RespiratoryRespiratoryNon-Respiratory
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    Cases on Chest Clinic Registers
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    The Static X-Ray Centre still continues to perform a valuable survey of persons who may or may not have any symptoms and the following information in respect of Islington residents has been kindly furnished by Dr. Brett, the Medical Director of the X-Ray Unit:–
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    The Care Committee administers an occupational therapy service with occupational therapists employed by the L.C.C. The following figures show the service being provided in a typical week
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    Follow-up home visiting for cases of scabies and vermin was carried out by the Home Visitors of the Treatment Centre as under
    Families VisitedRevisitsIneffective VisitsTotal
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    All specimens for bacteriological examination dealt with through the Department are submitted to the Public Health Laboratory Service, County Hall, S.E.1.
    Examinations carried out
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    Summary of Work done by District Public Health Inspectors (i) Inspections
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    (ix) Improvements effected as a result of Service of Notices under the Public Health (London) Act, 1936
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    This amount is apportioned as follows under the respective Acts and Sections:–
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    Public Health (London) Act, 1936 Failure to comply with Statutory Notices contrary to Section 82
    DateAddressMagistrate's Decision
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    DateAddressMagistrate's 'Decision
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    Failure to comply with Magistrate's Abatement Order
    DateAddressMagistrate's Decision
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    The Council is represented on the London and Home Counties Clean Air Advisory Council by Councillor L Ross and the Medical Officer of Health.
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    Smoke observations 457
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    Monthly Deposits recorded by the Deposit Gauges and Sulphur-Dioxide by the Lead-Peroxide Method
    MonthSite No.Rainfall in inches(Tons per square mile)Mg. of SO3/day collected by 100 sq cm of Batch A lead Peroxide (Louvered Box)
    Insoluble DepositSoluble DepositTotal Solids
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    Concentration of Smoke and Sulphur Dioxide recorded by the Volumetric Method at the two stations in the Borough
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    Work of Public Health Inspectors Administering Factories Act, 1937 and other legislation Factories Act, 1937.
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    1. Inspections for the purposes of provisions as to health (including inspections made by Public Health Inspectors )
    PremisesNumber on RegisterNumber of
    In spectionsWritten NoticesOccupiers prosecuted
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    2. Cases in which Defects were Pound.
    ParticularsNumber of cases in which defects were foundNumber of cases in which prosecutions were instituted
    To H. M. InspectorBy H.M. Inspector
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    PART VIII OF THE ACT Outwork (Sections 110 and 111).
    Nature of WorkNo. of outworkers in August list requi red by Sec. 110(1)(c)No. of cases of default in sending lists to the CouncilNo. of prosecutions for failure to supply listsNo. of instances of work in unwholesome premisesNotices servedProsecutions
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    Legal Proceedings Factories Act, 1937
    DateAddressSection of ActMagistrate's Decision
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    The number of inspections, etc. of offensive trades premises were:-
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    The following is a summary of the work carried out during the year -
    Type of PropertyLocal Authori ty PremisesDwelling HousesBusiness PremisesTOTAL
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    Two Sewer maintenance treatments were carried out in connection with which the co-operation of the Borough Engineer and his Staff was appreciated. Details of the treatments are as follows:-
    Treatment No. and dateMANHOLES
    In BoroughNot Bai tedBai tedShowing complete takesShowing partial takesShowing No takes
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    Poison takes were not inspected.
    DatePremisesMagistrate's Decision
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    The following samples were taken during the year
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    Legal Proceedings
    DateAddressCourtMagistrate's Decision
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    Details of the action taken by the Council under the Food and Drugs Act, 1955, and Pood Hygiene Regulations made thereunder, are as follow:-
    DateOffenceMagistrate's Decision
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    DateOffenceMagistrate's Decision
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    DateOffenceMagistrate's Decision
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    During the year 62 complaints of unsound food were received. The total amount of food condemned was:-
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    In accordance with the requirements of the Public Health (Meat) Regulations, 1924/52, notices were received during the year in respect of the intended slaughter of animals for human consumption. Details of action taken are as follows:-
    Cattle Excluding CowsCowsCalvesSheep and LambsPigsHorses
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    The following table given through the courtesy of the Cleansing Superintendent provides details of the weekly average number of persons who availed themselves of the Council's facilities Traders are becoming more aware of these facilities the number of persons taking advantage of them being on the increase
    ConvenienceJanFeb.Mar.Apr.MayJun.Jul.Aug.Sept.Oct.Nov.Dec.Approx. weekly average throughout year
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    Details of 19 samples of ice cream examined for fat content are as under:-
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    Class of MilkResultsPhosphataseMethylene blueTurbidityBiologicalTotal Number of Samples
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    2. Chemical Examination. Details of samples submitted:
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    Islington residents:-
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    Aged and Infirm - Action taVen under Statutory Powers
    Name and AgeReason for Council's ActionPeriod Named in OrderType of accommodation to which removedUltimate Result
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    Meals supplied during the year were as follows.-
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    Total Attendances at Maternity & Child Welfare Centres
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    Foster Mothers The table of foster-mothers and foster-children registered under the Childrens Act, 1958 is as follows:-
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    At present there are 3 Day Nurseries open in Islington
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    Maternity and Child Welfare Centres The days and times of sessions are as follows:-
    CENTREAnte-Natal & Post-NatalChildren'sToddlersDentalDiphtheria Immuni sationPoliomyelitis InoculationSmallpox Vaccination