London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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Nuisances abated6,058
Number of houses improved2,522
Separate lettings in above2,690
Total number of improvements to dwelling houses6,069
(iv) Legal Proceedings
Informations laid58
Abatement Orders made by Magistrate17
Abatement Orders complied with8
Further Proceedings for disobedience of Abatement Orders6
(v) Drainage
Plans examined339
Examinations and Tests294
(vi) Complaints
Outstanding (at end of 1959)448
Received during the year3,756 plus 429 repeated complaints.
Dealt with during year3,933
Outstanding (at end of 1960)271
(vii) Land Charges Act, 1925
Enquiries received3,172
Properties involved4,158
(viii) Rent Act, 1957Applications for Certificates of Disrepair
(1) Number of applications for certificates during 1960 ......37
Number of applications brought forward from 19595
Number of applications carried forward to 19611
Total number of applications receiving attention 196042
(2) Number of decisions not to issue certificates20
Number of Undertakings on Form 'K' accepted13
(3) Number of decisions to issue certificates19
(a) in respect of some but not all defects15
(b) in respect of all defects4
(4) Number of Undertakings given by landlords under paragraph 5 of the First Schedule16
(5) Number of Undertakings refused by Local Authority under proviso to paragraph 5 of the First Schedule3
(6) Number of certificates issued where undertakings not accepted3