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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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Fatality Rates per 1,000 notifications each age group (1951-1960)Percentage of notifications (1951-1960)
Under 11 - 55 & upwardsUnder 11 - 55 & upwards
Whooping Cough4.010.95-12.653.533.9

Whooping Cough Prophylaxis
Whooping cough immunisation is carried out in the Local Health Authority Clinics and by
general practitioners. The Divisional Medical Officer has kindly made available the following
information in regard to Islington children:-
Whooping cough Prophylaxis
Total attendances 12,944
n 4,235 )Primaries
Completed cases 239 ) Boosts

London (Measles and Whooping Cough) Regulations, 1938

Home visiting of measles and whooping cough cases was carried out by the Home Visitors as under:-

No. of Investigations
MeaslesWhooping CoughNo. of Ineffective VisitsRe-visits
1, 4416243722

Acute Poliomyelitis
It was fortunate that the sharp but localised outbreak of poliomyelitis from which
Islington suffered in 1959, and which was recorded in my Annual Report for that year, was
not repeated in 1960. The following totals of reported and confirmed cases indicate the
return to the average low-level years, and the distribution of the cases to the normal
months of high poliomyelitis incidence in the second half of the year, as against the
exceptional 1959 outbreak in the early months. It was also fortunate that of the 15 confirmed
cases none was severe enough to prove fatal. Of those contracting the illness, 2 had been
immunised against poliomyelitis.
No. Reported
1960 34 15
1959 109 60+
1958 37 10
1957 55 25
1956 34 13*
1955 97 56
1954 35 12
1953 47 17
1952 30 15
1951 21 8
1950 54 31
Includes a case notified posthumously and not included in Registrar-General's Tables.
* Two cases with onset in December. 1956. were notified in 1957. and are included in the above returns.