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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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The number of inspections, etc. of offensive trades premises were:-

Tripe Boilers10818
Fur Skin Dresser4-4
Gut Scrapers11-11
Fat Melter18927
Licensed Slaughterhouse142135
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The Slaughterhouses (Hygiene) Regulations, 1958 and the Slaughter of Animals (Prevention
of Cruelty) Regulations, 1958 respectively which otherwise came into operation on 1st January
1959 provided for the deferment of certain requirements relating to the construction lay out
and equipment of existing Slaughterhouses until such later dates as the Minister might appoint
The Minister by Order has now declared that the appointed date for Islington shall be the first
day of October, 1960. The only Slaughterhouse affected by this Order is that of Messrs Harrison
Barber & Co. Ltd., 180, York Way.
In the report for 1959, mention was made of the business of a slaughterer of poultry which
was found to be carried on in the rear basement room of a butcher's shop in the Borough The
slaughtering discontinued immediately but the keeping of poultry at this address which is
situated in a densely built-up area was still under consideration at the end of that year It
has now ceased completely, the poultry having been transferred to a farm outside the London area
Diseases of Animals Act, 1935-1950
There was no action required to be taken under this legislation during the year.
Pharmacy and Poisons Act, 1933
Number of Listed Sellers of Part II Poisons other
than registered pharmacists 165
Number of initial registrations during the year 10
Number of visits and inspections 79
Number of samples taken 2
Number of samples reported satisfactory 2
Rag Flock and other Filling Materials Act, 1951
Number of premises on Register (Section 2 for Upholstery) 47
Number of Licences issued (under Section 7 for the storage of Rag Flock) 1
Number of Inspections and visits 48
Pet Animals Act, 1951
Number of licences issued during the year 18
Number of inspections and re-visits 53

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