London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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The corresponding figures for previous years are:–
1959 2,564
1958 2,735
1957 2,818
1956 2,772
1955 2,751
1954 2,851
1953 2,738
1952 2,575
1951 2,443
1950 2,238
1949 2,127

The Static X-Ray Centre still continues to perform a valuable survey of persons who may or may not have any symptoms and the following information in respect of Islington residents has been kindly furnished by Dr. Brett, the Medical Director of the X-Ray Unit:–

No of persons X-rayed4,9804,6159,595
No. of cases463278
Rate per 1,0009.26.98.1

Tuberculosis Care Committee
The London County Council is responsible for care and after care work under Section 28
of the National Health Service Act 1946, but the Islington Tuberculosis Care Committee
remains in being, working in conjunction with the Islington Chest Clinic, and Members of the
Borough Council and the Medical Officer of Health serve on this Committee, The Tuberculosis
Care Committee is able to assist patients in many ways, and the Tuberculosis Care Organiser
reports that an average of 99 cases per quarter were helped with extra nourishment during the
year, while loans of beds, bedding and medical appliances were made to 1 (one) patient from the
L. C.C. loan stock, others were referred to various organisations for assistance

The Care Committee administers an occupational therapy service with occupational therapists employed by the L.C.C. The following figures show the service being provided in a typical week

No. of classes held1
No. of patients in class4
No. of sessions of instructions in homes during last week of year14
No. of patients receiving instruction at home51