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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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Public Houses and Off Licences 12
Restaurants, Eating Houses and Canteens 1,108
Meat inspections at Licensed Slaughterhouse 289
Food examinations (other) 566
Ice Cream premises 487
Preserved Food Premises 595
Dairies (milk distributor) 955
Contraventions found 865
Contraventions remedied 968
Notices served (Food and Drugs Act) 159
Notices complied with (Food and Drugs Act) 312
Infectious Diseases 29
Food poisoning enquiries 47
Legal proceedings-attendances at Court 16
Non-effective visits 238
Miscellaneous 1,120
Legal Proceedings

Details of the action taken by the Council under the Food and Drugs Act, 1955, and Pood Hygiene Regulations made thereunder, are as follow:-

DateOffenceMagistrate's Decision
(1) 5. 1. 60Food Hygiene Regulations, 1955 Regulation 22(1)
Allowing a food room to be used as a sleeping place at 198 New North Road, N.1Fined £10. Defendant to pay £5 5s. Od. costs.
(2) 5. 1. 60Regulation 16 (2) Failing to provide and maintain for every wash-hand basin an adequate supply of either hot or cold water, or hot water at a suitably controlled temperature at 198 New North Road, N.1.Fined £10.
(3) 5. 1.. 60Regulation 6 (1) Failing to keep equipment with which food comes into contact in the course of a food business clean and in such condition as to prevent so far as is reasonably practicable any risk of contamination of food at 198 New North Road, N. 1.Fined £10.
(4) 19. 1. 60Regulation 9.
Whilst engaged in the handling of food failing to keep an open cut or abrasion on an exposed part of person covered with a suitable water-proof dressing at 56, Essex Road, N.1.Fined £5. Defendant to pay £2 2s. 0d. costs.
(5) 19. 1. 60Regulation 30. Whilst in the course of a food business carried meat, being meat which was open food liable to come into contact with the neck or head, and failed to wear a clean or washable head covering. (Defendant was owner of business) at 56, Essex Road, N.l.Fined £2.