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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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Deaths of infants under one year
The infant mortality is, at 21 per thousand live births fractionally lower than in
1959, when the rate was 22 per thousand. 42 per cent of all infant deaths occurred within
the first 24 hours following birth and 63 per cent within seven days of birth From one
to twelve months the greatest risk to infants is due to respiratory disease, particularly
pneumonia. Of a total of 27 infant deaths in the age group one to twelve months. 14 were
due to pneumonia.
Maternal Mortality
It is a very considerable tribute to the hospital and London County Council ante natal
and maternity services as well as the family practitioners concerned that in over 5 000
confinements during the year, only one mother unfortunately lost her life
Respiratory Tuberculosis
The downward trend in deaths due to tuberculosis of the lungs noted in previous Reports
has not only continued, but accelerated Eleven deaths only due to this cause, giving a rate
of 0.5 per thousand population, were by far the lowest figures for this cause ever recorded
in the Borough Unfortunately, new cases of tuberculosis have not yet diminished so rapidly
as the mortality, and this is commented upon elsewhere in this Report
malignant Growths of Lung and Bronchas

No new evidence has been produced which affects the formal acceptance by the Ministry of Health of the fact that by far the greatest risk of contracting lung cancer is due to excessive and prolonged smoking of cigarettes


The following information has been kindly furnished by Dr Brett, Medical Director
Static X-Ray Unit, Drayton Park in respect of persons passing through the Unit and found
to have primary lung cancer tumour The figures given include residents outside the Borough
as well as Islington residents
Number of persons X-rayed 11,424 11,190
Number of cases found 72 10