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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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The London County Council, as the Local Health Authority, is responsible for the
Maternity and Child Welfare Services, the Home Help Service and a foot clinic service in the
Borough, which, together with the Boroughs of Pinsbury and Holborn. constitute Division 3.
I am indebted to Dr. Wilfrid G. Harding, Divisional Medical Officer, for the information
given below in respect of these services:-

Total Attendances at Maternity & Child Welfare Centres

0 - 1 years12,7329,2628,10712, 4872, 589
1-2 years1,6931,3527921,883394
2-5 years1,0846023382,038152
Special Toddlers' Clinics1, 104282323722
Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Combined5, 5334,0003,7473,136

Foster Mothers

The table of foster-mothers and foster-children registered under the Childrens Act, 1958 is as follows:-

Number of persons fostering children19
Number of foster-children being cared for23

L C.C. Day Nurseries and Child minders

At present there are 3 Day Nurseries open in Islington

Scholefield Road60 places
Canonbury Place67 ,,
Mitford Road67 ,,
194 ,,

There are also 50 places for Islington children in Springdale Day Nursery (Stoke
In addition there were at the end of the year 180 children being minded by 139 child
minders registered voluntarily under the L C.C. scheme
Nurseries and Child Minders Regulation Act, 1948
At the end of the year there were 59 children being minded by 23 child minders registered
by the L. C.C. under the provisions of the Nurseries and Child Minders Regulation Act, 1948.
There were also two private day nurseries registered under the Act providing 33 places.