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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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Meat and Other Foods
No visits by officers of this department were made during the year for the purpose
of inspecting home killed or imported meat at the Metropolitan Cattle Market.

In accordance with the requirements of the Public Health (Meat) Regulations, 1924/52, notices were received during the year in respect of the intended slaughter of animals for human consumption. Details of action taken are as follows:-

Cattle Excluding CowsCowsCalvesSheep and LambsPigsHorses
Number killed (if known)19572443987774
Number inspected19572443987774
All diseases except Tuberculosis & Cysticerci Whole carcases condemned663127--
Carcases of which some part or organ was condemned6302223-76
Percentage of the number inspected affected with disease other than tuberculosis and cysticerci6.1550.416.9751.02-9.81
Tuberculosis only Whole carcases condemned-1---
Carcases of which some part or organ was condemned-1----
Percentage of the number inspected affected with tuberculosis-.27----
Cysticercosis Carcases of which some part or organ was condemned------
Carcases submitted to treatment by refrigeration------
Generalised and totally condemned-1----

All diseased or unfit meat was disposed of for use as knacker's meat or in the manufacture
of all animal feeding preparations.
Of the 774 horses slaughtered for human consumption, 628 were intended for export.
Slaughter of Animals Act, 1958.
Slaughtemen's Licences
During the year no new Licences were issued, but eleven Licences were renewed and were current
at 31st December.
Export Certificates-Food
14 export certificates were issued in respect of consignments of ox tongues, tinned soups,
chicken products and ox tongue and ham spreads. The goods were exported to Canada, U.S.A.,
Australia and Sweden and Switzerland respectively.