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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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Public Health (Tuberculosis) Regulations 1952
Although information in regard to the coming and going of tuberculous patients
under these Regulations is not as complete as it was under the Tuberculosis Regulations
1930, every effort is made to confirm the correctness of the Register still maintained
in the Department. The total number of cases on the Register of the Department as at
31st December, 1960, was:-
Males 1,543
Females 1,184
Males 138
Females 169
The corresponding figures for previous years are:-
1959 3,074
1958 3,172
1957 3,108
1956 3,048
1955 2,945
1954 2,922
1953 2,802
1952 2,575
1951 2,404
1950 2,368
1949 2,490
Islington Chest Clinic, Whittington Hospital
St. Pancras Chest Clinic, Margaret Street, St. Marylebone
mas X-Ray Unit of the North-Vest Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board 32 Drayton Park N.5
The Borough is well and conveniently served by the above centres to which patients
may be referred, or where persons may attend for examination

Cases on Chest Clinic Registers

Number of definite cases of tuberculosis on Chest Clinic Register as at 31st December 1960:
Islington C. C.1182828445050845912329124959
St. Pancras C. C.139796114614385611
Grand Total2497