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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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Factories Act, 1937-Section 54
Basement Bakehouses
Certificates of suitability as required by Section 54 of the Factories Act, 1937
continued to be in force in respect of 13 basement bakehouses at the following addresses:
76 Caledonian Road, N.l.
*299 Caledonian Road, N.l.
8 Danbury Street, N. 1.
*68 Essex Road, N. 1.
*350 Essex Road, N.l.
*52 Stanraore Street, N.1.
54 Archway Road, N.
146 Blackstock Road, N.
3 Cardwell Terrace, N.
7 Junction Road, N.
59 Junction Road, N.
77 Newington Green Road, N.
123 Newington Green Road, N.
* These bakehouses ceased to be used during the year under review.

Legal Proceedings

Factories Act, 1937

DateAddressSection of ActMagistrate's Decision
5. 4. 60104A Shepperton Road7Fined £2.
5. 4. 60-do-7Fined £2. Defendant to pay £2 2s. 0d. costs.
7. 6. (Continuing offence)Fined £3. Defendant to pay £2 2s. 0d. costs.

Public Health (London) Act, 1936.
London County Council (General Powers) Act, 1937.
Noise Abatement Act, 1960.
Noise Nuisances.
As mentioned previously in this Section, the Noise Abatement Act, 1960, came into operation
in November and now noise or vibration amounting to a Common Law Nuisance is made a Statutory
Nuisance which can be dealt with under the Abatement procedure contained in the Public Health
(London) Act, 1936. In London, Section 66 of the London County Council (General Powers) Act of
1937, is amended to provide that "any noise which is a nuisance" shall be a noise nuisance
which may be dealt with summarily under the Public Health (London) Act, 1936
Arising out of complaints received concerning an alleged noise nuisance due to the parking
of vehicles in one of the Squares in the Borough, the Public Health Inspector, with the approval
of the Public Health Committee, kept two early morning observations, each of which were at
approximately 5.30 a.m. Although it was confirmed that parking took place, there was no nuisance
on either occasion at the time of the inspection.
Complaints of noise from machinery operating throughout the night in two plating works
were received. The management in each case co-operated, in the first case by improving the
ventilating system and fitting the same with a sound absorbing material, and in the second by
re-siting the machinery and sound-proofing the room in question. Another complaint received
was in respect of an alleged noise nuisance from injection moulding machinery operated at night,
and in this case the Inspector was able to secure the sound-proofing of the complete works, as
a result of which the nuisance ceased.
Number of (a) complaints received-44 (b) inspections-112.