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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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DateOffenceMagistrate's Decision
(15) 10. 5. 60Food and Drugs Act, 1955.Section 2 (1). Selling food, namely a pound of minced meat, which was not of the quality demanded at 134, Blackstock Road, N.4.Fined £10. Defendant to pay £3 3s. 0d. costs.
(16) 7. 6. 60Food Hygiene Regulations, 1955.Regulation 24. Allowing filth (cat faeces) to accumulate in a food room at 60 Islington High Street, N.l.Discharged absolutely. Defendant to pay £1 is. 0d. costs.
(17) 4. 10. 60Food and Drugs Act 1955.Section 2(i) Selling food, namely a loaf of bread, which was not of the quality demanded at 132, Holloway Road, N.7.Discharged absolutely. Defendant to pay £5 5s. 0d. costs.

Unsound Food.

During the year 62 complaints of unsound food were received. The total amount of food condemned was:-

Tinned goods919218

1, 196 condemnation certificates were issued, and 477 inspections were necessary in
connection with this work.
Condemned food received from traders is either taken to the Council's refuse disposal
depot at Ashburton Grove, awaiting conveyance, under supervision, to the refuse tip or is
dyed in order to make it impossible for it to be re-sold or used for human consumption.
Condemned meat is used for animal feeding or industrial purposes.
Sampling, 1960.
625 samples (58 formal and 567 informal) were sent to the Public Analyst for examination.
Forty-four of these samples, or 7.04%, were adulterated, as shown in the summary below. It
should be noted that a number of adverse reports relate to samples not taken during routine
sampling but which were subject of complaint.