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Islington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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The Public Health (Infectious Diseases) Amendment Regulations, 1960
Copies of Circular 24/60 of the Ministry of Health and the Public Health (Infectious
Diseases) Amendment Regulations 1960, were received, dealing with the notification of
anthrax, their purport being to include anthrax with the diseases which were made notifiable
by the Public Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations, 1953, to the appropriate Medical
Officer of Health.
Anthrax has been notifiable in Islington for many years by virtue of an Order made in
1909 for the notification of glanders, anthrax and hydrophobia in man within the Administrative
County of London.
In accordance with the Ministry's request information was sent to all practitioners in
the Borough reminding them that all cases of anthrax should be notified to the Medical Officer
of Health under these Regulations and, in addition, should a case occur in a factory,
notification must also be made to the Chief Inspector of Factories under Section 66 of the
Factories Act, 1937.
Scabies and Vermin
As will be seen from the following table, there are still a considerable number of cases
of scabies or itch,and also vermin infestation. It is realised that the attainment of a good
standard of personal cleanliness and hygiene is not a straightforward matter in the majority of
Islington homes which have no bath, separate washing facilities for each household, or hot water
points. This means that more effort must be made by families living in homes where washing
facilities are inadequate by modern standards but nevertheless, the situation is gradually
improving even if more slowly than could be wished.
Children under 5 years number treated 30 38
Number of baths given 55 –
Number of treatments. – 38
L.C.C. Children Number treated 74 313
Number of baths given 135 –
Number of treatments. – 316
Adults Number treated 128 58
Number of baths given 205 –
Number of treatments. – 60
Home Visiting

Follow-up home visiting for cases of scabies and vermin was carried out by the Home Visitors of the Treatment Centre as under

Families VisitedRevisitsIneffective VisitsTotal