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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]


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    The still birth mortality rates for England and Wales and East Ham are shewn in the following table:—
    Still births per 1,000 population.
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    Rate per 1,000 Civilian PopulationAnnual Death Rates per 1,000 Civilian PopulationRate per 1,000 Live Births
    Live Births.Still Births.All Causes.Typhoid and Para-Typhoid Fevers.Acute Poliomyelitis & Polioencephalitis.Pneumonia.Whooping Cough.Diphtheria.Influenza.Smallpox.Tuberculosis.Total Deaths under one year.Deaths from Diarrhoea and Enteritis (under 2 years).
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    Cause.Deaths at different periods of life of residents (civilians) whether occurring within or without the district.Institutional DeathsTotal deaths for the years
    All Ages.Under l Year.1—5 Years.5—15 Years.15—45 Years.45—65 Years.65 and Upwards.Total deaths in Instns.19481947194619451944
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    Cause of Death.Total deaths.Age and Sex.Total under 1 year.
    Under 1 week.1—2 weeks.2—3 weeks.3—4 weeks.1—3 months.3—6 months.6—9 months.9—12 months.
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    SituationPurpose usedSessions
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    SituationPurpose usedSessions
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    (b) District Nursing. Statistics from 1/1/48 to 4/7/48:—
    East Ham District Nursing Assoc.Silvertown & North Woolwich District Nursing Assoc.
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    The services of one temporary midwife were terminated on 31/12/48. TABLE 0.
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    Institution No. of Cases
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    Day Nurseries. The following nurseries were open throughout the year under review :—
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    Statistics are shewn below :—
    Nursery.Total Attendances.Daily Average.
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    Infectious Diseases. The quarterly returns to the Registrar-General were as follows :—
    DiseaseQtr. ending 31/3/48Qtr. ending 30/6/48Qtr. ending 30/9/48Qtr. ending 31/12/48Total.
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    In the following table the notification rates per 1,000 civilian population are shewn :— TABLE 7.
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    Table 8.—PREVALENCE OF, AND CONTROL OVER, INFECTIOUS DISEASE. Notified Cases for Year ended 31/12/48.
    Disease.Cases notified in whole district.Ward Distribution of Cases.No. of Cases removed to Hospital.Total Deaths.
    At all ages—years.Manor Park.Little Ilford.Wood-grange.Plashet.Kensington.Castle.Central.Wall End.Great-field.South.
    At all agesUnder 11 to 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2020 to 3535 to 4545 to 6565 and Up
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    Table 9.—TOTAL CASES OF NOTIFIABLE DISEASES, 1925-1948 . 34a
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    Classification :—19481947194619451944
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    Table 11.—PUBLIC HEALTH (TUBEBCULOSIS) REGULATIONS, 1930. 38A Summary of Notifications during the period from 1st January, 1918, to the 31st December, 1948.
    Age PeriodsFormal Notifications
    Number of Primary Notifications of new cases of tuberculosis
    0—1—2—5—10—15—20—25—35—45—55—65—75—Total (all ages)
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    PART II.—New cases of Tuberculosis coming to the knowledge of the Medical Officer of Health during the above-mentioned period, otherwise than by formal notification.
    Source of InformationNumber of cases in age Groups
    0—1—2—5—10—15—20—25—35—45—55—65 —75—Total
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    The number of tuberculous patients receiving in-patient treatment and the institutions concerned as on 30/6/48, are shewn below :—
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    T able 12. 40 a PART I OF THE ACT 1.—INSPECTIONS for purposes of provisions as to health (including inspections made by Sanitary Inspectors)
    PremisesNumber on RegisterNumber of
    InspectionsWritten noticesOccupiers prosecuted
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    2.— C ases in which DEFECTS were found (If defects are discovered at the premises on two, three or more separate occasions they should be reckoned as two, three or more " cases ")
    ParticularsNumber of cases in which defects were foundNumber of cases in which prosecutions were instituted
    To H.M. InspectorBy H.M. Inspector
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    T able 13. PART VIII OF THE ACT OUTWORK (Sections 110 and 111)
    Nature of WorkSection 110Section 111
    No. of out-workers in August list required by Sect. 110(l)(c)No. of cases of default in sending lists to the CouncilNo. of prosecutions for failure to supply listsNo. of instances of work in unwholesome premisesNotices servedProsecutions
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    TABLE 14. METEOROLOGICAL RECORD—YEAR 1948. Rain Gauge 5 in. in diameter, placed 1 foot above ground, 15 feet above sea level. Temperature taken in the shade of a Stevenson's Screen, 5 feet from the ground.
    Months.Temperature of Air during the Month.Mean Temperature of Air.Rainfall.
    Highest Maxi-mumfLowest MinimumMean ofNo. of Days on which Rain fell. 0.01 and overAmount collected in inchesMean rate of fall for Rainy DaysGreatest fall in 24 hoursDate of greatest fall
    All HighestAll Lowest
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    TABLE 15.
    Local Health Authority ClinicsNumber of clinics provided at end of year (whether held at Infant Welfare Centres or other premises)Number of sessions held on 31st December, 1948 per month at clinics included in column (2)Number of women who attended during the period 5th July, 1948 to 31st December, 1948Number of women included in column (4) who had not previously attended an ante-natal clinic during current pregnancy or a postnatal clinic after last confinementTotal number of attendances made by women included in column (4) in period 5th July, 1948 to 31st December, 1948
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    TABLE 16.
    Provided byNumber of Centres provided at end of yearNumber of Infant Welfare Sessions now held per month at Centres in column (2)Number of children who attended Centres in column (2) during period 5/7/48 to 31/12/48Number of children who first attended the Centres during the period 5/7/48 to 81/12/48 and who, on the date of their first attendance were :—Number of children included in column (4) who at the end of the year were :—Total number of attendances made by Children included in column (4) in the period 5/7/48 to 31/12/48
    Under 1 year of ageOver 1 year of ageUnder 1 year of ageOver 1 year of ageUnder 1 year of ageOver 1 year of age
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    TABLE 17.
    Provided byNo.No. of Approved PlacesNo. of children on the Register at the end of the yearAverage daily attendance since 5th July, 1948
    (1)(2)0-2 (3)2-5 (4)0-2 (5)2-5 (6)0-2 (7)2-5 (8)
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    TABLE 18.
    Number of maternity cases in the area of the Local Supervising Authority attended by Midwives during the period 5/7/48 to 31/12/48.
    Domiciliary CasesCases in Institutions.Total.
    As Mid-wives.As Maternity Nurses.As Mid-wives.As Maternity Nurses.As Mid-wives.As Maternity Nurses.
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    Section 24—Statistics for period 5/7/48 to 31/12/48. TABLE 19.
    Provided byNumber of Health Visitors employed at end of yearEquivalent of Whole-time Services devoted by Health Visitors included in Cols. (2) & (3) to Health Visiting (all classes including attendance at Infant WelfareNumber of visits paid by Health Visitors included in columns (2) and (3) during period 5th July, 1948, to 31st December, 1948
    Expectant MothersChildren under 1 year of ageChildren between the ages of 1 and 5Other Classes
    Whole-time on Health VisitingPart-time on Health Visiting
    First VisitsTotal VisitsFirst VisitsTotal VisitsFirst VisitsTotal VisitsFirst VisitsTotal Visits
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    TABLE 20.
    Provided byNumber of Home Nurses employed at 31st December, 1948Equivalent of whole-time services devoted by Home Nurses included in Cols. (2) & (3) to Home NursingNumber of visits paid by Home Nurses included in Cols. (2) & (3) during the period 5/7/48 to 31/12/48Number of cases attended by Home Nurses included in Cols. (2) & (3) during the period 5/7/48 to 31/12/48
    Whole-time on Home NursingPart-time on Home Nursing
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    TABLE 21.
    Number of children who completed a full course of primary immunisation. Age at final injection.Total number of children who were given a secondary or reinforcing injection (i.e. subsequent to complete full course).
    Under 55—14Total
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    T ABLE 21 A —DIPHTHERIA IMMUNISATION. Number of children at 31/12/48 who had completed a course of immunisation at any lime before that date (i.e. at any time since 1/1/34).
    Age at 31/12/48 i.e. born in yearUnder 1, 19481 19472 10403 10454 10445—0 1939—104310—14 1934—1938Total under 15
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    With reference to Table 21, the children immunised were apportioned between the Authority's medical staff and general practitioners as follows:-
    Age at final injection.Reinforcing injections.
    Under 55—14Total
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    For the period 5/7/48 to 31/12/48, 2 males and 8 females received periods of treatment as follows :—
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    TABLE 22.
    Age GroupSexUp to 1 week1-2 wks.2-3 wks.3-4 wks.4-5 wks.5-0 wks.0-7 wks.7-8 wks.8-9 wks.9-10 wks.10-11 wks.11-12 wks.Over 12 wks.Total
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    Table 23. MENTAL HOSPITALS FOR PERIOD 5/7/48 TO 31/12/48.
    HospitalOn Register at 5/7/48AdmissionsDischargesDeathsOn Register at 31/12/48
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    (b) Mental defectives—Mental Deficiency Acts, 1913-1938. A. Particulars of mental defectives as on 1/1/49:—
    (1) No. of mental defectives "subject to be dealt with" :—M.F.Total
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    C. Number of mental defectives under community care including voluntary supervision or in "places of safety" on 1/1/48, who have ceased to be under community care or in "places of safety" during 1948:—MFTotal
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    TABLE 24.—Helps provided in Sickness eases from 5/7/48 to 31/12/48.
    No. of weeks Service providedNo. of hours per weekTotals
    Under 4 hoursOver 4 and under 8Over 8 and under 12Over 12 and under 16Over 16 and under 20Over 20 and under 24Over 24 and under 28Over 28 and under 32Over 32 and under 36Over 36 and under 40Over 40 and under 44Over 44 and up to 48
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    TABLE 25.
    2nd Jan. 1949 to 29th Jan. 194930th Jan. 1949 to 26th Feb. 194927th Feb. 1949 to 26th Mar. 194927th Mar. 1949 to 11th June 1949Totals
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    HOUSING STATISTICS. Position at 31st December, 1948.
    1. Accommodation made available—family units:—
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    5. New Housing:—
    Dwellings projectedUnder constructionCompleted
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    Milk samples submitted for examination are summarised as follows:—
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    TABLE 26
    Place of Manufacture
    Within the BoroughOther DistrictsTotal
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    TABLE 27
    Number of SamplesPercentage of samples adulterated
    ExaminedFound adulterated or below standard
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    TABLE 28
    NumberInformal or FormalArticleAdulteration or DeficiencyAction taken
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    TABLE 29.
    Type.Number of Schools.Number on Roll.
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    TABLE 31.
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    TABLE 32
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    TABLE 33.
    GroupTotal inspectedParents presentRequiring treatmentGeneral Condition.
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    TABLE 34.
    CategoryNumber ascertainedRecommendation
    Day Special SchoolBoarding Special SchoolOrdinary School with special treatment
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    MEDICAL TREATMENT. Summary of Defects treated at School Health Clinics. Skin :
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    TABLE 35.
    DefectNumber observedNumber treatedReferred for operationDischarged after treatment
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    Attendances continue to increase. Many forms of radiation and electrical treatment are now given for diverse conditions, together with massage, corrective and developmental exercise.
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    TABLE 36.
    A.—Periodic Medical Inspections.
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    Number of individual pupils found at periodic medical inspections to require treatment (excluding dental diseases and infestation with vermin).
    GroupFor defective vision (excluding squint)For any of the other conditions recorded in Table 37ATotal individual pupils
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    TABLE 37. A.— Return of Defects found by Medical Inspection in the year ended 31st December 1948.
    Defect or DiseasePeriodic InspectionsSpecial Inspections
    No. of defectsNo. of defects
    Requiring treatmentRequiring to be kept under observation, but not requiring treatmentRequiring treatmentRequiring to be kept under observation, but not requiring treatment
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    B.— Classification of the General Condition of Pupils Inspected during the year in the Age Groups.
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    TABLE 38. TREATMENT TABLES. GROUP I.—Minor Ailments (excluding Uncleanliness). (a)
    Number of Defects treated or under treatment during the year
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    GROUP II. —Defective Vision and Squint (excluding Eye Disease treated as Minor Ailments—Group I.)
    No. of Defects dealt with
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    GROUP III.—Treatment of Defects of Nose and Throat.
    Total number treated.
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    (1) Number of pupils inspected by the Authority's Dental Officers :—
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