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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Physiotherapy and Light Clinic.

Attendances continue to increase. Many forms of radiation and electrical treatment are now given for diverse conditions, together with massage, corrective and developmental exercise.

Artificial sunlight (General)3903,944
Local light1321,579
Electrical and massage98110
Remedial exercises2171,712
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Total attendances—5.804.
The appointment of an Orthopaedic Consultant has not yet
been made and. when necessary, cases are referred to general
Child Guidance Clinic.
The Child Guidance Clinic at East Ham Memorial Hospital,
which had been used for some time by the Authority for cases
requiring treatment, ceased when the National Health Service Act,
1946, came into operation. With the (part-time) appointment of
Dr. H. Bevan Jones as Psychiatrist, sessions were commenced at
the Town Hall Annexe. It is anticipated that new premises will
be available during this year with greatly increased facilities for
ascertainment and treatment.
Mr. H. J. Wright, B.Sc., Educational Psychologist, assists in
the work of the clinic—the post of Psychiatric Social Worker has
not yet been filled.
The following is a summary of the work of the clinic since its
inception on 9/9/48 :—
Number of treatment sessions 59
*Number of cases referred for treatment 148
Number of cases treated 45
Number of attendances 207
Number of cases discharged 82
* Includes cases who had previously been under treatment at East Ham
Memorial Hospital.

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