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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Defects and treatment


DefectNumber observedNumber treatedReferred for operationDischarged after treatment
Tonsils and Adenoids23814094232
Other throat conditions101011
Otitis Media and discharging cars171712
Defects of membrane121214
Other ear conditions5150129
Nasal deformities5415
Other nose conditions12111'8
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Note:—Included in figures "Discharged after treatment" are some
defects which remained under treatment at the end of 1947.
Of the cases referred for operative treatment, 94 were for the
removal of tonsils and adenoids, one for the correction of a broken
nose and one each for removal of polypi in the ear and nose.
The operations were performed by Mr. Savege at the Children's
Hospital, Balaam Street.
Mr. Savege is also approved by the Minister under Regulation
53 (a) and (b) for the ascertainment, examination and treatment
of deaf and partially deaf pupils.
Ophthalmic Clinic.
Mr. S. C. Reeve-Flaxman, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.. approved for
the treatment of defective vision and eye disease under the
provisions of Regulation 58 (c). attends the Ophthalmic Clinic on
five sessions fortnightly.
The following statistics shew the work carried out :—
Number of clinic sessions 118
Number of children attending 1,446
Number of attendances 2,004
Number of children discharged 277
Defective Vision and Squint Eye Disease
New cases 204 Treated at clinic 136
Re-examinations 1,14.5 Referred to hospital 7
Glasses prescribed 1,168
* Glasses obtained ... See note below
Glasses not required 37
Referred to hospital 14
* It is impossible to state the number of spectacles obtained, as from 5/7/48.

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