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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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GROUP III.—Treatment of Defects of Nose and Throat.

Total number treated.
Received operative treatment :
(a) for adenoids and chronic tonsillitis876
(b) for other nose and throat conditions3
Received other forms of treatment113
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GROUP IV.—Orthopaedic and Postural Defects.
(a) Number treated as in-patients in hospitals or
hospital schools 4
(b) Number treated otherwise, e.g. in clinics or outpatients
departments 324
GROUP V.—Child Guidance Treatment and Speech Therapy.
Number of pupils treated :
(a) under Child Guidance arrangements 103
(b) under Speech Therapy arrangements 31



(1) Number of pupils inspected by the Authority's Dental Officers :—
(a) Periodic age groups21,835
(b) Specials1,551
(c) TOTAL (Periodic and Specials)23,386
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