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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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SituationPurpose usedSessions
*Tuberculosis and Chest Clinic, Katherine Road.Tuberculosis and Chest DiseasesMonday and Thursday 2 p.m. (new cases for consultation), Tuesday and Friday 10 a.m. (pneumothorax and pneumoperitoneum cases and secondary examinations), Tuesday and Friday 2 p.m. (secondary and x-ray examinations), alternate Thursdays 5 p.m., alternate Saturdays U.30 a.m. (children only), Wednesday 9.30 a.m. (physiotherapy).
Durban House, Katherine Road.Treatment Centre (Baths)Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9 a.m. (schoolchildren), Tuesday and Thursday 2 p.m. (adults and children under 5 years).
* Position at 4/7/48.
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Social Welfare Domiciliary Medical Service.
Up to 4/7/48, when this service ceased to function, the
statistics as from 1 /1 /48 were as follows:—
No. of individual patients 2,607
No. of attendances at homes 1,171
No. of attendances at surgery 3,196
Total No. of attendances 4,367
No. of occasions medicines supplied without seeing
patients 175
Venereal Diseases.
Up to the "appointed day" facilities for the treatment of
these diseases were provided on behalf of the Council by the
London County Council.
For the year 1948, the following statistics have been
abstracted from forms V.D. (R):—

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