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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Section 25—Home Nursing.
The implementation of the proposals under this section at
the end of the year were as follows:—
The Council by negotiation have obtained the services of the
East Ham District Nursing Association to conduct home nursing
throughout the borough. This service has been strengthened by
the organisation of loan cupboards for the provision of surgical,
medical and nursing equipment and ancillaries freely available
where needed.
In addition the Silvertown and North Woolwich District
Nursing Association service a small area south of the Docks.
Section 25—Statistics for period 5/7/48 to 31/12/48.


Provided byNumber of Home Nurses employed at 31st December, 1948Equivalent of whole-time services devoted by Home Nurses included in Cols. (2) & (3) to Home NursingNumber of visits paid by Home Nurses included in Cols. (2) & (3) during the period 5/7/48 to 31/12/48Number of cases attended by Home Nurses included in Cols. (2) & (3) during the period 5/7/48 to 31/12/48
Whole-time on Home NursingPart-time on Home Nursing
Local Health Authority
Voluntary Organisations by agreement with Authority7610½17,269613

The grand total of cases and attendances by the two voluntary
organisations throughout the year 1948, were as follows :—
Period from
1/1/48 to 4/7/48
Period from
5/7/48 to 31/12/48
Patients on books at the
beginning of period 180 178 358
New patients during period 455 435 890
Total No. of visits 16,519 17,269 33,788
Section 26—Vaccination and Immunisation.
In regard to this section, arrangements for immunisation
against diphtheria were already highly organised in the borough
and no extensive change is contemplated. Vaccination against
smallpox is carried out by the general practitioners and in the
event of an epidemic, plans have been laid for full clinic facilities
to be available in addition.