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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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4. Maternal Deaths.
There were no maternal deaths of women confined at
home, in hospitals or nursing homes, during the above
5. Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Clinics.


Local Health Authority ClinicsNumber of clinics provided at end of year (whether held at Infant Welfare Centres or other premises)Number of sessions held on 31st December, 1948 per month at clinics included in column (2)Number of women who attended during the period 5th July, 1948 to 31st December, 1948Number of women included in column (4) who had not previously attended an ante-natal clinic during current pregnancy or a postnatal clinic after last confinementTotal number of attendances made by women included in column (4) in period 5th July, 1948 to 31st December, 1948
Ante-natal clinics2321,4469754,729
Post-natal clinicsSeen at Antenatal clinics164†157†175†

†These figures are included in those for Ante-natal clinics.
By arrangement with the L.C.C. an ante-natal clinic
is held on alternate weeks at Fernhill Street Baths, North
Woolwich, E.16. The total number of mothers attending
this clinic during the period 5th July, 1948, to 31st
December, 1948, was 9 (including 1 post-natal), the number
of new cases was 7 (including 1 post-natal) and the total
number of attendances was 60 (including 1 post-natal).
6. No ante-natal or post-natal examinations were carried out by
General Practitioners at the mother's home or the practitioner's
surgery under arrangements made by the Authority.