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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(b) Mental defectives—Mental Deficiency Acts,1913-1938.

A. Particulars of mental defectives as on 1/1/49:—

(1) No. of mental defectives "subject to be dealt with" :—M.F.Total
(a) Under Guardianship (under Order)* Under 16 years of age11
Aged 16 years and over113142
(b) In "places of safety"
(c) Under Statutory Supervision (excluding cases on licence)—
Under 16 years of age173047
Aged 16 years and over6843111
(d) Action not yet taken under any one of the above headings123
No. of cases included in(a) to (d) above awaiting removal to an institution347
(2) No. of mental defectives not at present "subject to be dealt with" but for whom the L.H.A. may subsequently become liable301949
Of whom, number under Voluntary SupervisionUnder 16 years of age
Aged 16 years and over301949
(3) Number of mental defectives receiving training:—
(a) In day training centres— Under 16 years of age7512
Aged 16 years and over8917
(b) At home
B. Particulars of mental defectives ascertained during the year 1948:—M.F.Total
(1) Ascertainment :—
(a) Cases reported by Local Education Authority—(Section 57, Education Act, 1944)—
Under Section 57 (3)6612
Under Section 57 (5)325
(6) Other cases reported during 1948 and ascertained to be "subject to be dealt with"11314
Total cases ascertained to be "subject to be dealt with " during the year102131
(c) Other cases reported during 1948, who are not at present "subject to be dealt with" but for whom the L.H.A. may become liable
Total number of cases reported during the year102131
(2) Disposal of cases reported during the year: Cases ascertained to be " subject to be dealt with"—
(i) Admitted to institutions (by order)1212
(ii) Placed under guardianship (by order)
(iii) Taken to " places of safety "
(iv) Placed under statutory supervision8816
(v) Died or removed from area
(vi) Action not yet taken (awaiting ad
mission to institution)213
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* Dealt with under the provisions of Section 8 or 9—Males 3, Females —.

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