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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(3) Slaughterhouses.—No slaughterhouse was in use during
the year. There is at present only one licensed slaughterhouse in
the Borough. Under the Slaughter of Animals Act, 1933, seven
licences were applied for and granted to slaughtermen.
(4) Bacteriological Sampling.—135 samples were submitted
for bacteriological examination, 92 milk, 32 ice-cream and 11

Milk samples submitted for examination are summarised as follows:—

Tuberculin Tested (Pasteurised)2
Tuberculin Tested (Certified)1
Heat treated other than pasteurised313
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The 32 samples of ice-cream were obtained from 24 different
sources of manufacture and were graded by the Council's bacteriologist
in accordance with the Ministry of Health's Provisional
Grading as follows:—


Place of Manufacture
Within the BoroughOther DistrictsTotal
Grade I9110
„ II257
,, III314
„ IV7*411
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* This number of Grade IV includes repeat samples taken in order to
check and improve methods of production of the few less satisfactory
During the year 22 registrations for the sale of and 2 for the
manufacture of ice-cream were effected.

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