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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Applications for admission far exceeded the number of places
available, and the Council decided upon priority classes for
admission, which are shewn below :—
Husband unemployed or frequently ill and unable to work
Husband in the Forces.
Wife separated or deserted.
Mother in hospital.
Unmarried mother.
Married mother working full-time/part-time, and husband in
full employment.
There were long waiting lists for admittance to all the nurseries
at the end of the year.
Of the four nurseries, three will eventually be taken over by
the Education Department for Nursery Schools, the site of the
one remaining to the Health Committee—Wall End/Caledon Road
has been bought by the Authority. Negotiations are pending at
the present time to acquire a site at Rancliffe Road for nursery

Statistics are shewn below :—

Nursery.Total Attendances.Daily Average.
School Road11,61745
Roman Road17,49968
St. Stephen's Road18,29571
Wall End /Caledon Road12,26648
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Daily average based on 257 days nurseries were open.
NOTE.—The nurseries are closed on Saturdays.

Infectious Diseases.

The quarterly returns to the Registrar-General were as follows :—

DiseaseQtr. ending 31/3/48Qtr. ending 30/6/48Qtr. ending 30/9/48Qtr. ending 31/12/48Total.
Scarlet Fever70643157222
Whooping Cough95166201116578
Acute Poliomyelitis32218
Typhoid Fever11
Cerebro-Spinal Fever2215
Puerperal Pyrexia314
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