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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Table 8.—PREVALENCE OF, AND CONTROL OVER, INFECTIOUS DISEASE. Notified Cases for Year ended 31/12/48.

Disease.Cases notified in whole district.Ward Distribution of Cases.No. of Cases removed to Hospital.Total Deaths.
At all ages—years.Manor Park.Little Ilford.Wood-grange.Plashet.Kensington.Castle.Central.Wall End.Great-field.South.
At all agesUnder 11 to 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2020 to 3535 to 4545 to 6565 and Up
Scarlet Fever222409365146133025212013142444151688
Puerperal Pyrexia4132114
Cerebro Spinal Fever51211112151
Acute Poliomyelitis8142112111271
Whooping Cough57870329169223389565622383949836284271
Typhoid Fever1111
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