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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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No. of maternity cases who received help during period
5/7/48 to 31/12/48 37
No. of maternity cases receiving help on 31/12/48 3
NOTE.—Maternity cases had 14 days' service following
For the period 1/1/48 to 4/7/48, helps were provided as
Maternity cases 45
Sickness cases 7
Total 52
For the whole of the year, helps were provided to:—
Maternity cases 82
Sickness cases 73
Total 155
During the period 5/7/48 to 31/12/48, with the approval of the
Health Committee, in 38 cases the help was provided free.
The demand for this service continues to grow rapidly as the
following statistics for approximately the first half-year of 1949


2nd Jan. 1949 to 29th Jan. 194930th Jan. 1949 to 26th Feb. 194927th Feb. 1949 to 26th Mar. 194927th Mar. 1949 to 11th June 1949Totals
Number of applications received and dealt with1023193212351981231
Number of cases being attended by a help at the commencement of the period347262474689-
Number of cases where help commenced during the period226727113721104235
Number of cases being attended by a help at the end of the period2624746895146