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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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School Health Clinics.
It will be seen from Table 30 that the number of clinics has been
increased to meet the demand for physiotherapy, child guidance
and immunisation. The coming into operation of the National
Health Service Act appears to have had little effect on attendances
at school health sessions and the facilities available for remedial
and other measures both in the north and south of the borough
have relieved the local hospitals of cases which can now be treated
effectively at our special centres. This has been appreciated by
busy mothers accompanying their children and has resulted in
shorter absences from school.
Simple medicaments may be obtained at the dispensary and
those children requiring additional vitamins, etc., are thereby more
adequately supervised. Vaccine and other preparations are given
in suitable cases.
The school health clinics are closely associated with arrangements
for convalescent treatment and the appointment of an
administrative officer for this purpose has ensured easy working
and successful placement.
Information relating to the work of the specialist clinics is
given later in the report.
The following table indicates briefly the work of the School
Health Service during the year 1948, and shows the comparative
statistics for previous years.


Routine and Special Inspections at School:
*Maintained Secondary Schools9691,4042,6141,932
*Maintained Primary Schools1,7414,0343,6004,941
†Secondary Schools46125
†Elementary Schools2,844640
Re-inspections at School1,3681,7952,8343,2092,675
Inspections and Re-inspections at Clinics19,50914,62811,57111,14110,748
General cleanliness visits to schools227223256281284
Examinations for cleanliness22,57325,44830,07748,51438,561
Nurses' visits to homes2,9551,8591,4041,2123,691

* Since 1/4/45.
t Up to 81/3/45.