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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(6) Convalescent Home Treatment.
(1) Adults.

For the period 5/7/48 to 31/12/48, 2 males and 8 females received periods of treatment as follows :—

Southern Convalescent Home, Lancing on-Sea 2 weeks-1
Loughton Lodge, Loughton ,,2
Fairby Grange, Dartford „-1*
Bell Memorial Home, Lancing-on-Sea „-1
Bell Memorial Home, Lancing-on-Sea 3 weeks-1
Essex Convalescent Home, Clacton „-1
St. Michael's Convent, Clacton ,,-1
Rustington Convalescent Home. Little- hampton ,,1-
†Metropolitan Convalescent Home, Walton-on-Thames 4 weeks1-
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* Mother and Child. † Regional Hospital Board Home.
In addition to the above, 2 males and 3 females
received treatment for ex-mental patients in After-Care
Homes, for periods varying from one to six months.
(2) Children.
During the same period treatment was provided free in
various Homes for the periods stated :—


Age GroupSexUp to 1 week1-2 wks.2-3 wks.3-4 wks.4-5 wks.5-0 wks.0-7 wks.7-8 wks.8-9 wks.9-10 wks.10-11 wks.11-12 wks.Over 12 wks.Total
5 yearsF.1134414133120
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8 Children under 5 years, in addition to above, received treatment in Regional Hospital Homes.
Sections 28 and 51.
These sections were implemented from the appointed day by
a mental health sub-committee properly constituted to carry out
all the functions of the now combined mental health and mental
deficiency services under the Act.

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