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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(b) Maternity Hospital Accommodation.
The numbers of maternity cases admitted to the institutions
named below, during the year under review, were as follows :—


No. of Cases

Aldersbrook Maternity Hospital461
East Ham Memorial Hospital421
Forest Gate Hospital157*
Queen Mary's Hospital5t
East End Maternity Hospital38f
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* No information available for period 11/7/48 to 20/10/48.
+ For period 1/1/48 to 4/7/48 inclusive.
(c) Maternity Fees and Sale of Dried Milk and Ancillaries.
For the period 1/1/48 to 4/7/48, the following amounts were
collected at the clinics :—
£ s. d.
Fees for Maternity Hospital Accommodation 1,567 0 9
Fees for Municipal Midwifery Service 135 3 3
Fees for +Other Services 37 18 10
Total 1,740 2 10
+ T. and A. operations, dental and ophthalmic treatment (provision of
83 vouchers from various Societies were collected and taken
as full or part payment as follows :—
For maternity hospital accommodation 29
For municipal midwifery service 3
T. and A. operations and provision of spectacles 51
Total 83
The amount collected for the whole of the year in respect of
the sale of dried milk and ancillaries was £2,160 14s. 4d., and for
the Home and Domestic Help service—£404 13s. l0d.

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