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East Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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8. Day Nurseries.


Provided byNo.No. of Approved PlacesNo. of children on the Register at the end of the yearAverage daily attendance since 5th July, 1948
(1)(2)0-2 (3)2-5 (4)0-2 (5)2-5 (6)0-2 (7)2-5 (8)
Nurseries maintained by the Council413216110219579159
Nurseries maintained by Voluntary Organisations-------
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There were no daily minders provided by the Authority
at 81 /12/48.
9. Unmarried Mothers and Illegitimate Children.
No cases were sent to the Hostels mentioned previously
in this report and illegitimate children are under the
supervision of the Superintendent Health Visitor.
10. Mother and Baby Homes.
No eases in this category were dealt with during the
period under review.
Section 23—Midwifery Service.
The implementation of the proposals under this section at the
end of the year were as follows:—
General administrative arrangements—the Council have
agreed to the early appointment of a Superintendent Nursing
Officer who will combine the duties of lay inspector of midwives
with the co-ordination of the general nursing and ancillary
services. It is felt that this appointment will thereby strengthen
the domiciliary midwifery service.
Comprehensive provision for the transport of the midwife and
her equipment, including analgesia apparatus, has been afforded.
In regard to analgesia for the confinement of mothers in their
homes, all our midwives have received the prescribed training and
have passed the required examinations. Five sets of apparatus
have been provided for use.

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